Speaking at Celebrate Recovery

For those that don’t know Celebrate Recovery is a twelve step program with Biblical foundations. People with all kinds of life controlling issues gather together for support. Anything from alcohol and drug addiction to depression, divorce and loneliness may be what they are dealing with but together they celebrate life and what it means to overcome these things. They say come join us “If you want freedom from life’s hurts, hang-ups, and habits.”

I have a friend who talked with someone about having us to come share our testimony at one of their meetings. Having a history of drug and alcohol addiction, divorce and just an all around chaotic lifestyle it seemed only natural that Tracey and I could help to encourage those in that program. So that is just what we did.

Although I have been through the battleground of addiction I had never personally attended twelve step programs before. Unlike most twelve step programs this one is specifically designed to point you to the Savior Jesus Christ. While others do tell you to look to “the god of your understanding” this one points you to the one true God and that is Jesus Christ.

They meet every Friday night at 5:30 to have dinner before their meeting. After eating some pizza we went into a room where five of us prayed before we spoke. From there we went into the beautiful sanctuary and had a short worship service. We sang of how we have a God of wonders beyond this universe. Even while sometimes we don’t think we are worth anything he thought we worth everything even the death of his only begotten son.

We only had a few minutes to share our story so we jumped right in. I told them of how I had three close friends to die as a result of addiction. One was only twenty five when he was shot to death during a drug deal. One died as a result of drug abuse and a diabetic coma at the age of thirty three. The third one was forty two when he closed himself in a hotel room, turned on a gas stove and went to sleep never to awaken. All three of these guys lived lifestyles similar to mine and yet I am still here. I can only say that it is so I can tell others the horror and devastation drugs and alcohol bring. The good news is Jesus Christ can and will deliver you from any of these life controlling issues if you only invite him in. It is as easy as that. Invite him in to be Lord of your life and you can enjoy all that he died to give you. He came to set the captives free!

Whether you think you have any of these particular “hurts, “hang- ups” or “habits” is beside the point. We all have things in our lives that have caused us pain and loss. Tracey and I have come through addiction, divorce and all the insanity that comes with it, and if God freed us he will do it for you too. Even if you never attend these meetings I pray that you will join us in Celebrating the recovery Jesus died to bring us!

Written by Louie