We are a reflection

Just Relax

 Have you ever worked really hard on something and when it was finished you breathed a sigh of relief because it turned out so good? A feeling of ahhh comes over you and then you can relax in the glow of completion. That’s what happened in jail tonight, but I knew it wasn’t me who did anything. I don’t have the power to bring tears to someone’s eyes or make their heart beat so fast it causes an asthma attack. God was in the service tonight as He touched lives in such a way that it was almost tangible. Many ladies left the room telling me that was exactly what they needed to hear. I told them of how we are reflection of our husband just like the moon is a reflection of the sun or Christians are a reflection of Christ. We do what our husband’s do even if it wasn’t our idea to do it. It stems from the verse in Gen. 3:16 that says our desire will be for our own husband. I know this is true in my life now and it was true when Louie was in his drug addiction. I did drugs because he was doing drugs. I wanted to do what he was doing even if it hurt me or I didn’t love doing it. When Louie and I divorced, I quit smoking because I didn’t want to do anything he was doing, but once we started dating again and eventually got married; I started smoking again. Just so you know the time did eventually come when God delivered us from smoking also.

I continued to share with them the difference in being married to an unbeliever and being married to someone who loves God more than me and loves me with God’s love. It was powerful to see the Holy Spirit moving around the room when I shared I Cor. 7: 12-16 which explains how the unbelieving wife or husband is sanctified by the believer.

Afterward I received a note from a girl I will call, defined; she said “this message was for me;” as tears filled her eyes. “My husband is in jail and we are going through similar things.” I wanted to hear what she had to say. So we went to the law box and I listened to her pour out her story.

By the time we prayed and I took “defined” back to her cell, Joyce was talking to a girl who had tears running down her cheeks. I sat there listening, trying to get a bead on what they were talking about. I waited on the Lord to move my lips into conversation, when it happened. God showed me it was about her dad and the feelings of abandonment were seeping over into her relationship with a girl in her cell. Anger overtakes her at times and there is no controlling it. God needs her to hand over her need to justify herself and take control. We told her of Joseph and how he was treated unfairly by his brothers and then forgotten by the baker and the cup bearer while he was in prison in Egypt. Joseph waited on God, listened to God, and God brought him out of bondage and was able to rescue his family from famine. She sat there with long pauses of silence as she was pondering the difficult task of trusting Him that we all go through as children of God.

The night ended with getting books and materials for the girls so they can get a better understanding of God’s ways. One girl said through the bean flap that she got down on her knees on November 15th and asked Christ to come into her life. As Joyce and I praised God, she added “and life has not been the same.” That’s how we can be a reflection of God’s power and love.

Written by Tracey