Joe Rogan interviews Neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux

Neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux interviewed by Joe Rogan.

Joe: I’ve been thinking artificial life is the goal.
Joseph LeDoux: there is no goal to life.
Joe: yeah, for sure.
Joseph Ledoux: We are not the goal. There’s no goal of life, there’s survival. Survival is the only goal of every organism.

This is the best they’ve got?

This is what a “so-called” rational, reasoning Neuroscientist brings to the table?

Why would anyone be so curious about life and all its details if there’s no goal or purpose? In fact, why would anything want to survive if there’s no goal?

The real danger of reducing humanity down to merely a biological level, declaring us to be no more than a jumble of electrical impulses, means we can’t trust anything we claim to know. If we are only an ever evolving pile of Atoms with no Eternal creator or purpose, what exactly drives us to research or discover anything? Besides that, whatever we are claiming to know is apt to evolve even more tomorrow so how can we trust what we are claiming to know today?