Without Christ I would go into full on panic mode from watching the nightly news. If we the people were just we the people, apart from Christ living in us, we wouldn’t have a chance. Passing laws, voting in Republicans, Democrats, the Tea Party and on and on will never fix our real problem. There is no amount of laws, votes, meetings or plans that can reach deep enough into what our real failing is but thanks to God he knew this and gave us the remedy.

Way back in Isaiah 9:6 we read “The government shall be upon his shoulder…” When it comes to reading the prophetic books of the Bible we have to understand there are layers to their meaning. For instance when this was written Jesus hadn’t even arrived yet so it was still in the distant future. Even now 2,000 years after his arrival it seems as if the government isn’t on his shoulders so what does this mean? There is one thing for sure and that’s one day everyone will recognize Jesus Christ as the true King of Kings but until then thankfully there are many who already do, and they trust him to run things.

The question is what do we do until he returns and everyone recognizes him as the true King? I think when Jesus told his disciples to go into the whole world and preach the gospel this is part of what that means. It isn’t enough for us to simply put our faith in the gospel for the hereafter we need to recognize Jesus Christ as King right now!

In the Old Covenant the plan seemed to be that God would be Israel’s King but they looked around at the other countries and wanted what they had. This isn’t so different than our own government, our politicians are always citing Europe as our model. My question is wasn’t the leadership in Europe the whole reason our forefathers made their way across the Atlantic? Anyway, let me get back to the point here. When Israel asked for a king God told Samuel to give them what they wanted but he also told them they wouldn’t like it.

If Israel lived the way God intended they would have had no need of an earthly, human king because they would have had him. With God as their king the other nations of the world would have been astounded to see a nation running without a human governmental structure and would have inquired as to how they did it. This would have given them the perfect opportunity to tell them about their God and how he protected and provided for them. Israel was meant to be a light to the rest of the world but they decided they wanted to have a man centered government to rule over them instead.

Before you get upset I am not suggesting we necessarily need to do away with our government, but we do need to open our eyes and see Jesus Christ is the only real solution to our problem. You see it takes a real heart change for society to work properly and until that happens we’re never going to see the end to our troubles. What do you say we take Jesus up on his offer and come to him for rest. The scripture tells us the government will be on his shoulders what do you say we let him carry this burden? What do you think this country would look like if we simply did things his way?