Do you think some people are addicted to “Recovery”?

Mary: Yes Louie, because they are told that they have to keep working the 12-steps daily, to deal with resentments and stay “spiritually fit,” whatever that is. They define that as remaining sober, abstinent and emotionally sober. Christ bypasses this religion of “self-effort” and gives us His victory, righteousness and freedom from addiction. There is a book with that title, “Addicted to Recovery.” I have it. Forgot who the author is. God bless.

Elaine: Yes…

Ron: I believe that Christ heals….. the addiction is removed. Just as our Sin is removed.

Scott: Tell a Christian addict that his/her addiction is removed and then he thinks that God has abandoned him when he takes that first taste.

Louie: I think some are “addicted” to trying to “fix” themselves which when translated is “self-improvement” which is really a lie. Self-improvement isn’t possible. The old man has to die! He can’t be fixed! Addiction, according to the Bible, is simply called sin. Sin is only dealt with by way of the cross therefore going to yet another rehab that doesn’t ultimately point to the cross is just another self-help program which is destined to fail. The only true deliverance is Christ Himself “DELIVERING” you, not you crawling out on your own, as if that’s even possible.

Nancy: By way of the Holy Spirit living in us manifesting his own inner-Christ-consciousness (in us), does he not for the most part replace a self-centered-self-consciousness to the glory of Christ as our life?

Louie: And He is not addicted or in recovery!

Nancy: Amen…-and neither are we.

Roel: Yes, because those who think to kneel at the cross (for recovery), don’t realize they died through the cross.

Louie: Thanks Roel that’s right! Many still see themselves as independent so they stand back up only to give “Christianity” another good try. They are forever “working” on themselves in the hope that one day they will be fixed. Oh that more would see the work is finished.

Burt: Anything is addictive to anyone with a vacuum inside.

Janice: So true Burt!, SO true! When we have sent the same person back to the same place 16 times in the same year, it’s so obvious that it’s not working….if we could only share the truth!
MaryI think rehabs and 12-step groups can be helpful to get someone sober or detoxed but for true healing a person needs to know their addicted self is dead and to walk in that freedom. It would be great if the first step was Galatians 2:20. Maybe we need to start a new rehab with the truth as the foundation so from the beginning they are taught God’s way of freedom. Our co-death and resurrection, in Him. I heard one woman in a group like that saying we must always “strive for perfection.” (Independent of Christ’s free gift of righteousness). Futile and impossible.