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Consider for just a moment, if you can, that we live outside of time. It’s almost impossible to think that way because we have always known time. God lives outside of time and he shows us a glimpse of how He sees us. Ephesians 2:6 says, “And raised us up with Him and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” That sounds like past tense; we are already seated with Him, right? That must mean that if we are born again, we have heaven inside us.

Recently I heard the phrase “A healthy dose of hell.” What an interesting set of words. The way an unbeliever goes to hell is when he or she never accepts Jesus finished work on the cross, burial and resurrection. Jesus Christ is life. Consider the unbeliever already having hell inside them. Without the skin/flesh we would float away, so really, the flesh is a good thing to have on us. The problem is we think the flesh pleases God. The truth is the flesh is weak; there is nothing inside the flesh or our works that can save us. It’s only the blood and power of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Maybe that is why the Bible says when we are absent from the body we are present with the Lord. Maybe that is how we get to heaven so fast, because we are already there right now, except outside of time.

At the jail last night I talked about how the human race has been bitten by a poisonous snake. His name is Satan and if we don’t get the anti-venom, we will die in our sin, apart from God. Jesus became sin who had no sin of His own, He was buried for 3 days and then God raised Him from the dead. When we take Him into us, He becomes our life. In comparison to the venomous snake, the venom is extracted from the snake, diluted and then injected into a host animal for a period of time so the animal can develop antibodies against the poison. Then the blood is drawn from the host animal and injected into the infected person and immediately the poison is stopped. That is what happens when Jesus comes into our life. Jesus does for us what we can not do for ourselves.

3 ladies handed me notes tonight requesting that we pull them out to talk. One lady said she had issues. Once we had the chance to talk, she revealed to me she is struggling with not knowing what her gifts are. The other thing that bothers her is if the rapture occurs before she gets out of jail, her 2 sons may die and miss heaven. She beats herself up over the fact she never raised her children to know who Jesus is. She knows Him now and her desire is for her boys and her mom to be saved.

My next girl focused our discussion on how to know its God talking to you and not you. The answer is a little tricky, but I explained to her about the independent I. When we are saved, joined to the Lord, we become one Spirit. I always fall back on the assurance if it isn’t about or for the other person, then it probably isn’t from God.

That seemed to be the focus all night because the last girl wanted to know the same thing, yet they haven’t spoken to one another. We don’t disappear from the equation, but there is a joining and an agreement. He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit. We are the branch, the wife, the cup, the bride and the vessel. We never act independently from Him; we are joined.

I had such a good time sharing the Word and being love to these ladies. They are so precious and they don’t even know it. They have a story to tell, questions to ask, and love to share. I love the hunger I see in some of them. It’s encouraging and it makes me smile when they talk about Jesus like that.

Written by Tracey