You are beautiful

Photo by Tracey

 If you could see what I see,

Then you would see true beauty.

Beauty comes from inside

It’s something you can’t hide

I’m not beautiful, you say

You don’t even like yourself today

I can see that you have been hurt

A lot of the time, you feel like dirt

You feel nobody cares for you and why should they?

I don’t know the things you have done along the way.

Photo by Tracey

There’s a darkness that swirls around you

It’s so thick at times, you just can’t see.

The walls close in around you so tight,

Feeling alone, you search for the light

Bound by the fear and pain,

You are paralyzed by those chains

You can’t believe I am standing here

Because all of your life you have dreamed

That somehow love would find you

And now I’m telling you, you are a treasure

A precious gem without measure.

Photo by Tracey

If you could see, then you’d understand,

Why I fall down to my knees and

Pray my love will be worthy of the one

Who gave the life and blood of his only son.

So that you could see what I see

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

Then, I am beholding true beauty!

Isaiah 61:1-3

Written by Tracey for the ladies in jail