“It’s not I but He,

not just me but we.

It takes new eyes to see,

but Christ in us is the key.

So He becomes we,

but we never become He.”





Tracey and her mother Faye
Tracey and her mother Faye
If I were you and you were me
I would tell you about my knees.
It was on a Tuesday I had surgery,
Boy oh boy and me oh me.

When I woke up four hours later than that,
I itched everywhere that I could scratch.
My dreams were so real I could tell you more
about the silver spider that ended up on the floor.

Maybe it was the oxygen or the pills
but the thing in my head I wasn't sure was real.
All I know is soon I would be getting out of bed
but I lay here trying to get comfortable instead.

After I received a blood transfusion,
After my head cleared of confusion,
It was off to the nursing home I went,
Now for the leg machine, my knees to bend.

The dull ache that invades my day,
But my legs are working with little pain.
Up and down to the bathroom I go
Even though I go very slow.

Everyone has a different point of view,
I say everyone who comes into my room.
Gives me love and encouragement
that I believe are heaven sent.

Got my staples out with a little sting,
Along with a bath and a shower chair thing.
Rubbing my legs with vitamin E. 
so not to notice the scars on my knees.

The day has come to leave and go home to my own bed,
I am taller now because I can see in the mirror the top of my head.
I sit in the breezeway and talk with my friends,
Happy ever after is a good way for this poem to end.

Written by Tracey           A poem documenting Faye's double knee surgery


Its not because of sin that you won’t be let in

Its because you refuse to be honest.

It won’t be the thefts, murders and stealing

But the refusal of light that is upon us.

Jesus took care of our sin so we might go in,

But we like to lurk in the dark.

We are told to simply come to him

Even though we know we missed the mark.

Condemnation has become our diet

We feast on it in the night

Our sins forgiven we just can’t buy it

We feel that just can’t be right.

We will not come into the light

For fear our sins will been seen

Not knowing it’s alright,

He knows where we’ve been.

Jesus’ death is ours if we learn to see it

Our fear will be gone and the light energizing

We no longer struggle, we just be it

Bringing and end to our philosophizing.

There is now no condemnation for those in the Son

Because we are a container of light.

Out of the shadows the war has been won

We are lamps for Christ to bring others their sight.

Written by Louie

Do We Have a Nature? By Brian Coatney

Brian and Tandy Coatney

The tirade of the old nature is endless,

bossy flesh, monstrous cravings,

sensual swoon, murderous thoughts;

you get the idea, and one could spend

all day and half the night in torment,

plus expert analysis to the finest detail,

not to mention the gift of condemnation,

which grows endlessly in its “I’m no good”

flip side of pride, after a season of exaltation.

Yes, that old nature is a killer for Christians

and non Christians alike, though the former

Brian leading in a worship song

make a shrine out of it—the place where

one can find every reason to stall in defeat.

But once one ever sees that this is all a lie,

a pile of rubbish, and fabrication only

a serpent would devise, then the game’s up:

oh yes, the same war goes on always

in this dispensation, as Paul says

in Galatians. What a secret too where he

says that sin is no longer I—yes that’s Romans 7.

So if it’s not I, then it’s not I.

All the evil is the nature of one not I—

like all the good is the nature of one not I.

Brian and Tracey "must've been yellow shirt day"

Where does that leave me?

Laughing all the way, as vine ripened sweetness

pours forth scent, flavor—mist watering the self—

bud, flower, sap, full power—and every

sweet and merciful certainty of faith.



You are beautiful

Photo by Tracey

 If you could see what I see,

Then you would see true beauty.

Beauty comes from inside

It’s something you can’t hide

I’m not beautiful, you say

You don’t even like yourself today

I can see that you have been hurt

A lot of the time, you feel like dirt

You feel nobody cares for you and why should they?

I don’t know the things you have done along the way.

Photo by Tracey

There’s a darkness that swirls around you

It’s so thick at times, you just can’t see.

The walls close in around you so tight,

Feeling alone, you search for the light

Bound by the fear and pain,

You are paralyzed by those chains

You can’t believe I am standing here

Because all of your life you have dreamed

That somehow love would find you

And now I’m telling you, you are a treasure

A precious gem without measure.

Photo by Tracey

If you could see, then you’d understand,

Why I fall down to my knees and

Pray my love will be worthy of the one

Who gave the life and blood of his only son.

So that you could see what I see

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

Then, I am beholding true beauty!

Isaiah 61:1-3

Written by Tracey for the ladies in jail

Seeing Love

Photo by Tracey

What do you see

when you look at me?

Do you feel the Spirit

or do you fear it?

Does it minister grace

or a slap in the face?

Can you rest around me

or do you feel like running?

For I have died and no longer live

Photo by Tracey

it’s no longer me who gives

Christ in me, the hope of Glory

He and I live the same story

so when your with me, it’s really Jesus

It’s Him but the world sees us.

When I look at you, I see love,

because I look through the eyes of Jesus.

Written by Tracey