Quotes From William Law

“To be swelled with Pride, to be fattened with Sensuality, to grow great through Craft, and load ourselves with earthly Goods, is only living the Life of Beasts, that we may die the Death of Devils. On the other hand, to go starved out of this World, rich in nothing but heavenly Tempers and Desires, is taking from “Time” all that we came for, and all that can go with us into Eternity.”


“O Man I consider thyself, here thou standest in the earnest, perpetual Strife of Good and Evil, all Nature is continually at work to bring about the great Redemption; the whole Creation is travailing in Pain, and laborious Working, to be delivered from the Vanity of Time, and will thou be asleep? Everything thou hearest, or seest, says nothing, shows nothing to Thee, but what either eternal Light, or eternal Darkness hath brought forth; for as Day and Night divide the whole of our Time, so Heaven and Hell divide the whole of our Thoughts, Words and Actions. Stir which way thou wilt, do, or design what thou wilt, thou must be an Agent with the one or with the other. Thou canst not stand still, because thou livest in the perpetual Workings of temporal and eternal Nature; if thou workest not with the Good, the Evil that is in Nature carries thee along with it: Thou hast the Height and Depth of Eternity in Thee, and therefore be doing what thou wilt, either in the Closet, the Field, the Shop, or the Church, thou art sowing That which grows, and must be reaped in Eternity. Nothing of thine can vanish away, but every Thought, Motion and Desire of thy Heart, has its Effect either in the Height of Heaven, or the Depth of Hell: And as Time is upon the WIng, to put an End to the Strife of Good and Evil, and bring about the last great Separation of all Things into their Eternal State, with such Speed art Thou making Haste either to be wholly an Angel, or wholly a Devil: O! therefore awake, watch and pray, and join with all thy Force with that Goodness of God, which has created Time and all Things in it, to have a happy End in Eternity.”

William Law


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