5 thoughts on “THE HEART OF THE MATTER

  1. right Louie – sort of do we believe Him or do we not believe what He says,,otherwise we are contradicting the scripture – the scales on the eyes have to be removed…good teaching

  2. Yea Louie I did a research on that word cause in Ezekiel 36: 27 in its origianal Hebrew and it means—-An arm with a hand on the end of it that reaches down into something to direct it to go in a certain direction—-God our Father is inside of us,alive and breathing causing us to participate in His way of behavior—-Some stumbling included.—–Which is why we need an advocate,bodily before our Father—We are one with the Godhead,Spirit to spirit and our Mediator is bodily at Gods throne sticking up for us when we wonder—–We are safe!

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