“We struggle and labor and fight in faith, because we have not yet discerned between soul and spirit, the hallmark of the mature. We are constantly moved in the sense (soul) realm by the impact of the visible. We ‘see’ this and that failing or lack. We ‘feel’ depression. We ‘hear’ an unceasing stream of unbelieving talk. All this affects our minds and conditions and we seem to have pressing down upon us a mountain of oppression, darkness, inability to maintain our grip on the invisible. We struggle, we strive, and the best we can do is dumbly, without feeling or sight, to “cling-heaven by the hems;” and the worst which we more often do, is to let faith go for a season.

The reason for all this is that we are still believing the lies of the senses, in place of the truths of the Spirit. For those who are still servants to the senses, what the senses convey is not a lie, but truth. But those who have crucified the flesh, who have attended their own personal funeral so far as accepting any more the sense interpretation of things, the outward appearances, who have celebrated their own resurrection as servants of the Spirit, accepting His revelations of truth, to such what the eyes see, what folks sense, what the emotions feel, are wholly suspect; and where such sights and sayings and feelings oppose faith, are treated as lying suggestions. They are exposed, they are renounced. No attention is paid to them; they are seen to belong to the realm of the soul, that is to the self in its relation to things earthly and bodily. But we are of the Spirit; our spirits, the self in relation to things spiritual are joined to His Spirit: and in that new nature of reality we steadily affirm and maintain our immersion in all light, substance and power, and that it will be manifested for us according to need.”



7 thoughts on “THE FIGHT OF FAITH

      1. Well the Isrealites called themselves grasshoppers—And when you dont get enough sleep you are a weak grasshopper—-But God is no grasshopper and He never needs any sleep—–So who should we trust in?

  1. Which book are you quoting from by N Pearcy Grubb is it from?

    like the Quote, “who have attended their own personal funeral so far as accepting any more the sense interpretation of things, the outward appearances”

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