6 thoughts on “WHO WE WRESTLE 1–4

  1. Great stuff—I also identify with what your teaching and I hear Father saying to me about how I must look/listen to Him and not trust in human wisdom—on the other side of the coin I have experienced Dads kindness when I am not paying attention to Him in this battleground—Friday I got upset and made a decision to quit my Certification training class without even consulting Papas will and He stepped in and fixed it and then that led to further blessings of ministry to the whole class not to mention the lady at the nursing home—-We should be more alert but He steps in even when we perform like zombies—Therefore we owe Him much praise.and we owe you much thanks for your good videos!

  2. Just watched all four segments of “Who We Wrestle” – learned many valuable lessons!! Very helpful and clear presentation!! I wish I had seen this years ago! Thanks for posting these teaching videos!!
    New converts are new creations and are, therefore, likely to not be ready for big responsibilities in leadership. New believers really may not understand who they are in Christ. They may think highly of themselves, not recognizing the error of prideful thinking. It is so easy to be prideful! Often the prideful one does not even recognize their own pride. (I know this from personal experience as a prideful man!) Thanks Louie!

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