1. Excellent message!!!!—I just recently used my Spirit gift which is being a Spiritual Director on two ladies who are having a hard time getting along with each other and i explained to both of them how that this gift or function that has been given to me by God does not mean that I am THE DIRECTOR but just the assistant director pointing these girls to the real Director—I am not sure they got it but I felt good knowing I used the gift properly and now I hope Dad will sink it into them and make peace.

  2. Hey Louie, I believe anointing and Christ are synonymous, which you probably already know – its almost like saying ” He is my keeper” great little teaching ….so teachers to teach us so that we can rest in the fact that we have the teacher living in us ….but love your teachings – always good

    Side not : Ive grown myself a goatee and it is similar to yours in that it is all silver in the front..

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