16 thoughts on “SIMPLICITY IN CHRIST

  1. I agree so much – right on the money or hit the Nail on the head ( like breathing ) – besides he refers to us as sheep – and they ain’t that smart….and need a gentle guidance…from a shepherd !

      1. Continue the saga – perhaps elaborate more – how that works out on daily living – how he sees us and approaches us, what He truly expects of us…the scripture Micah 6:8 & how I cant even do that apart from him nor want to apart from him – He must walk through me humbly or Ive had it..I suppose more on our weakness to embrace and His strength that is exchange…?

      2. YES – their is ti is – good stuff – Sylvia says were a Zero that too…Maybe one on weakness follow up – all the best – blessings Nick

      3. You’re right. Most of the time you hear others say, “Pray that I have strength!” While I understand what that means, “us” having strength seems to be the problem most of the time doesn’t it? If we would only see and acknowledge how weak we really are God’s strength might actually be displayed through us.

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