6 thoughts on “RE-GENED IN CHRIST

  1. Dear Louie

    Besides loving your intro – that was one of the best you tubes of yours that I have watched – it ministered to was allot of Good information…thank you very much for sharing I believe i will be watching this again..all the bet to you all Nicholas – preach it !!!

      1. yes indeed I shall be there – as the postman say neither slate – nor rain nor snow shall keep me from coming – to many wonderful people to pass up besides all the good news – like you were sharing – thanks again – it his the spot at least for me – look forward to seeing you and catching up a little..

      2. Great! We’re bringing a friend (Travis) with us this year. He’s been coming to our Sunday School class and really soaking in Norman, Sylvia and Brian’s stuff lately too.

      3. awesome …I have a few people that Ive been planting seeds and giving Sylvia’s materials too…a couple are getting it slowly but surely….keep up the great blog!

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