Someone told me “I just keep beating myself up!” I said, “No you don’t!”

Stick with me for a minute on this one.

If someone is struggling with addiction, bi-polar, cancer, depression, fear, etc. they tend to identify themselves as it. For instance people often say, “I’m an addict”, “my cancer”, “my depression”, “I’m bi-polar.” What if you’re really struggling with addiction but “you” aren’t really an addict? What if you have been diagnosed with what is known as bi-polar but “you” aren’t bi-polar?

Why do we identify ourselves as these things rather than struggling with or that we have them? It seems to me if we say, “I’m depressed” then there’s really no way to be free. If we think “I’m beating myself up”, rather than realizing it’s really the enemy, we’ll never see freedom as available. I mean if “I” beat myself up “I” can never get free from myself but if I see the enemy as the real culprit and I’m separate from him, I can actually be free.

This all really just boils down to the Fall. Even after being born-again, Christians struggle because they continue to identify themselves for what they were “In” Adam rather than who they really are now that they are in Christ.

We must stop identifying ourselves with our ability to fail and begin seeing ourselves as we really are in Christ!


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