8 thoughts on “THAT THEY MAY BE ONE

  1. The oneness is in the spirit, the flowing water of God’s life. God is operating in us both the willing and the working of what delights him. We are his workmanship, being created in Christ Jesus. The good works he has prepared for us to do, will be done, without fail. God doesn’t fail. He’s the one making it all happen. He makes us willing when it’s time to be willing, and he makes every good work happen, right on schedule, greatly humbling us in the process. He’s running an entire universe, on a perfect schedule, toward a perfect goal. Everything happening was planned with infinite wisdom, long, long ago. The consummate oneness will be displayed to the universe right on schedule. The entire universe is also on the reconciliation schedule, the all on the land, and the all in the heavens, to be reconciled into the son, peace having been made through the blood of his cross, that the God may be all in all.

      1. I was looking for a blogsite on a search engine and noticed your website listed there, so I checked it out and liked what I found. I think we’re fellow addicts to living water.

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