Even I have fallen prey to the world’s methods and language. The world tells us many have various “addictions” but the Bible calls them sin. According to Titus 3:3 “For we also once were foolish ourselves, disobedient, deceived, “ENSLAVED TO VARIOUS LUSTS AND PLEASURES”, spending our life in malice and envy, hateful, hating one another.”
Did you catch that? What we’re calling “addiction” Titus tells us is “enslavement to various lusts and pleasures.” What the world is calling–“addiction”, “disorders”, “illnesses”, “diseases” the Bible simply calls sins. You see if we don’t see these things as “sins” we will continue to believe there is a solution somewhere outside of Christ. We may think medication, therapy, counseling, meetings, etc. hold the key when Christ is clearly the only sufficient answer for sin.

Please don’t misunderstand me here. I myself went through a methadone program and had to speak with a counselor but in the end it was only Christ who set me free! So, I’m not saying some of these things aren’t helpful, I’m just saying they aren’t the answer. Anything that keeps us believing we are forever trapped in these “addictions” or “disorders” is a lie! Jesus Christ offers us true freedom. He even promises us a “Comforter” and “Counselor” of our very own who actually takes up residence within us. The Holy Spirit moves in and is on call 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week!
Will you start receiving His counsel today?

Ron:  “Healed is a done deal! You do not have to be treated for your addiction…ailment..(SIN) your whole life.”

Gary: “How about the sin of football?”

Kathy: “Absolute truth, my friend.”

Kathy: “I certainly wish my degree program could see it this way. All it takes is ONE BOOK and ONE RELATIONSHIP”

Kathy: “Wow !! In my studies today, I have discovered that Dr. Benjamin Rush, in 1784, “medically confirmed observations about the progressiveness of episodes of acute and chronic drunkenness.” He referred to this behavior as “a disease induced by a vice.” He offered a “medical” speculation about the causes of this disease. This is where the “medical” field stepped in and attempted to replace the “sin” of addiction with a “medical definition” of “disease” that somehow is caused by a malfunction in God’s creation. Imagine that. It’s all God’s fault according to the sciences. However, what they are not saying is that the continual consumption of drugs or alcohol lead to the malfunction of God’s creation. As you stated, it is “sin.” Plain and simple. Carry on.”

Louie: “Nice! Thanks Kathy It’s interesting to me the Docs name is “Rush”.

Kathy: “This guy also is credited with providing the first recommended treatments for “chronic drunkenness” based on a “disease concept” to call for the creation of a special facility called a “sober house” to care for the drunkard.”

Louie: “We might call it a “church”, huh?”

Kathy: “I find this quite humorous that this is my material to study today.”

Kathy: “It gets better…In 1825, a sensible Reverend came on the scene and delivered a sermon that stated, “The drunkard is addicted to the sin – an evil habit fueled by an insatiable desire to drink. In the 1830’s, Dr. Samuel Woodward described drunkenness as a “physical disease which preys upon the drunkard’s health and spirit, making him a “willing” slave to its appetite.” Wow !!”

Louie: “Romans does tell us we are either a “slave to sin” or a “slave to righteousness.” It does boil down to our will in the end.”

Kathy: “In 1864, New York state founded the Inebriate Asylum to treat alcoholism as a “mental disorder.” A liberal move away from God on this one.”

Mary: “Amen, Louie. Found that to be true with my eating disorder. Was not a disease! Was part of the old man that died. Still have food allergies and sensitivities but free in Christ from the addiction! Yay!”


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