Although I don’t usually get into political debates on the blog, this one sort of just happened. There are two videos here with Trump and Hillary. While there seems to be such outrage over Trump’s statements, I’m not so sure there is the same about Hillary’s. Just below the videos is a conversation that ensued which I wanted you to see. You, of course, are entitled to your own opinion and I would ask that you share it.



Clark: I have watched the Trump video over and over and the only reasonable conclusion is that he is suggesting armed violence against her. This is not his first time advocating armed violence. In a country awash in lethal weapons, this is the most insanely reckless behavior imaginable. Here’s hoping that all her appointments will work to restore sanity to the second amendment.

Louie: You know I don’t usually get into the fray of political argument because I for one know there is no real solution to our problems apart from Christ. I will say this though-it is really scary to me to think that after all these years in politics Hillary hasn’t accomplished anything she and her party have been promising for years and years. After eight years of being in charge, how can she talk about doing anything? If she was going to do anything she would have already done it don’t you think? She has had eight whole years to do it.

Louie: I definitely don’t see how guns are in any way the problem. The real problem is the heart of man that needs to be regenerated. Jesus said, “”For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders.” This is why we need a new heart and that’s only offered to us in Christ. Without a heart change we will never solve the violence troubles in this country or the world. Politicians and laws can never change a heart.

Toni: Louie – I don’t think that you realize the reason “nothing has gotten done” is because of an ineffective Congress not because of Hillary Clinton, who hasn’t been a Senator in the last 8 years, but when she was there were things that happened, not because of her but because Congress could work together. And yes guns are the problem, when there is evil in a man’s heart he is going to find a way to use that evil and a if a gun is easily obtained then the gun is used for evil.

Louie: guns used for evil…..so is a rock, stick, knife, car, lamppost, table leg, van, bus, slingshot, branch, poison, sword, etc. shall we ban all of these too? The un-redeemed heart is the problem, not objects with no choice of their own. Again electing this one or that one will not solve our troubles just as passing this or that law cannot do it. Only Jesus Christ and Him crucified solves humanity’s problems. By this it’s not to say we should or shouldn’t vote. I’m about pointing to the real problem and the real solution not a temporary fix but an eternal one which is Jesus! I think folks focused “only” on politics and government to fix things are a bit shortsighted don’t you?

Louie: As far as the “nothing has gotten done” aspect, Obama has gotten to do what he wanted to do since he’s been in office virtually unchallenged. Besides if they do he simply turns to executive order to by pass them. Ultimately, in my opinion, government has overstepped it’s bounds. I for one don’t need their input in everything little thing in my life and don’t think the average American does either. Most of them seem to think they know how to live my life better than I do. Their overall attitude seems to be saying, “I am so much smarter than you, let me make decisions for you. I know what’s best for you more than you do.”

Toni: I notice u changed from Hilary to P Obama that u have issues with. It is congress where u have your problem P Obama has issued less EO’s than other presidents. If the government has overstepped their bounds it’s because of the legislative branch that makes the laws. I feel pretty content setting out here in my barn with a cat in my lap expressing my 1st amendment rights, inheriting ownership of some 2nd amendment rights which to ever expect to use. I was in the the first group of voters who used the 26th amendment to vote. So if u mean electricity, water from Barkley dam, interstate highways, the list of government interference goes on and on and on in a very positive way.

Louie: I see Hillary and Obama as the same.

Toni: That’s great to see her as President.

Louie: It really doesn’t matter much to me because I know man, or woman, cannot fix the problem of a sinful heart….only Jesus can.

Toni: And they have sinful hearts and the rest of us don’t?

Louie: The unregenerate-i.e. those without Christ. Any without Christ have a sinful heart..those joined to Christ, on the other hand, do not have a sinful heart because they have been transformed into a new creature!

Louie: Elections and laws cannot make people love others only a brand new heart which is only available in Christ. You see while we all live in this country, full of laws and politics, those who walk according to the Spirit of God don’t need them. Why, you may ask? Well, because if we have the God who is love living in us we will simply act naturally and love others even as He has loved us. When this happens we won’t kill anyone, steal from others, lie to one another and so on. You see because the Law (of love) is written in our hearts!

Toni: In a perfect world but we know we will never have a perfect world because there was only one perfect human. We are all sinners and there once upon a horrible time in this land a group called the Ku Klux Klan thought they were being Christians. That’s one of many reasons why there are laws.

Louie: According to the Bible the Law (God’s law) was given as a schoolmaster to lead us to Christ (Galatians 3:24). Thankfully I don’t have to answer for the KKK, who I would think are part of the unregenerate group I spoke of earlier. What I’m talking about though is the only real solution which is a change of heart-something no law can ever give us.

Louie: “For an external law is only in existence where there are those who do not fulfill the law by nature, but who can and may and do break it: “the law is for the lawless” (1 Timothy 1:9). When people live the law by internal instinct, there is no outward law (Galatians 5:23). External law only came into an existence when humanity began to live by its false god, the god of lawlessness, of independent self–“that wicked one.” The moment, therefore, that humanity is restored to its predestined relationship of inner union with God, external law ceases to exist for it.”

Clark: Make no mistake; I am a strong Democratic supporter, a strong Clinton supporter, and a very strong gun safety supporter. Despite 8 years of GOP obstruction, we have better health care, better human rights, and stronger foreign policy that 8 years ago. The economy is stronger and people are getting more and better jobs. But gun safety is near the top of my priorities. No amount of “god talk” will bring back the thousands of innocents killed each year by people with guns in this country. It doesn’t happen elsewhere. As I get older, I am more convinced that the love of guns is an illness, a sickness, a sin. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims …” has become a sickening blasphemy. Guns kill people, people kill people with guns. More guns make for more killing. Apologists for gun violence don’t even try to square with Christ’s teaching.

Louie: Speaking of “god talk” do you think we should be able to make the decision to have a gun or should those in Washington, who are so much smarter than we, make that decision for us? I am not a “gun apologist” I am for freedom though and part of the reason for the 2nd amendment is for me to be able to protect myself in the instance of this or any other government becoming tyrannical.

Louie: guns cannot kill people!

Louie: My top priority is “Christ in you (and others), the hope of glory!’



  1. Right on Louie, If Hillary get in…most ALL of our outer freedoms will eventually come to an end. And we won’t even recognize America. Thank God we know that whatever and whoever governs us here, it is God who is our government and is sovereign over all. Love you all,

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  2. Trump was warning what would happen if people didn’t get out and vote. Liberal judges will be appointed and that might be the end of the 2nd amendment and there will be nothing the people can do about it except for the groups like the NRA who fight the things that come up against the 2nd amendment. There is already an interpretation issue ready to go if Hillary wins. She questions the interpretation herself. He was not inciting violence at all.
    In the Hillary video, her statement about Bobby Kennedy was a tad bit weird, but I just think it was thoughtless.

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