1. yes I should have been dead three times prior to getting saved all in the a year and half span of time – my angel was working over time for sure….but even then I had some interesting – interactions with the Lord and an angel..for me He the Lord was courting me and I didn’t even really know it – but I found out years later how many folks were praying for me it was almost ridiculous a whole baptist church a high school christian club and several others, this was for a whole year…anywyas much more to share and to hear from you – great testimony …Im glad He is at work in us both to Will and to do and He is at work around us – pretty crazy…

      2. ditto – always enjoy your company…I plan on staying another week after the conference…to hang with Sylvia ect…Im coming with Bill ..it will be a good time in the Lord…Ive been listening to her CD – Power in the body of death – sort of over and over again its in my car – each time Im getting something new out of it ..its really cool…

  1. wow – looking forward to chatting with you Louie – lost some of my friends as well – just prior to conversation..all most got taken out myself twice ( major vehicle accident & another incident ) but for the grace of God …great testimony …and the life of another dispensing out reconciliation – love & life … big smile on that one

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