18 thoughts on “CHRIST IN “YOU”

  1. “Christ In You”. I can certainly identify with what you have shared. To this day, I have a hard time accepting compliments when someone says, you did a good job teaching that lesson, etc. I thought it would be taking credit for what someone else had done. But you are right, I know it is Christ, and He knows that I know it is him. So from now on, I will just say thank you, or I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks, Louie.

    1. Thank you Arnita. When it comes to “Christ in you” I just wanted to emphasize He is in “YOU”! There’s a reason for that. It’s because He wants to live His life through you even as you. Christ wants to express Himself in your Arnita form. It’s Christ in His Arnitaness.


  2. Miss you all you folks in KY…wish we had more like you on the west coast..we do have Mr. B ( Bill ) who is a real Barnabas at heart and a good friend….

    1. Well, Nick right now it would be nice to be there. There’s about a foot of snow on the ground and it’s still coming down as I write this. The good news is we are inside and we have power!

      1. Yah Brian and Tandy have shared about how cold it has been…we are whimps out here in CA …but I think Id enjoy a week or so – somewhere when its snowing just for the experience …Ive actually only been somewhere when its snowing three times in my life and it was only for like a day…

        Isaiah 55:10

      2. It is definitely winter here. I don’t mind the snow because most of the time it warms up and melts pretty quickly. This might be the biggest snow we’ve had in years. They were calling for up to 14 inches I think. Maybe it will warm up and melt most of it by Monday in time for work.

      3. good ….look forward to fellow shipping when I come back out, I might be out in March, ( maybe Ill come out to Hopkinsville ) – I believe Brian is having a small confer – we should go out for a meal or something.

        I feel in the future I might be doing some traveling in England sometime…

        keep sharing the truth – my best to your wife..

        PS: Why is the #6 afraid of 7 ?

      4. Right you are – those numbers can be vicious!!!
        Actually Im first born in the states – my dad was born in Poland and my mom from Jolly good old England – so Im a tri – part – American – Polish – British ..
        Id love to see Ireland some day as well

        PS we watched the weather last night – you guys are really getting the snow – they say wind as well..

      5. American-Polish-British? Does that make you a mutt? I’m sure if you look close enough most of us are mutts on some level. We had a good storm but it’s nice and sunny now. It’s not supposed to get very warm but I’m hoping the Sun melts it a bit.

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