1. Hey – wonderful – great to see you sharing together – dynamite team…awesome testimony..
    Your both a blessing..congratulations on 20 years….love the aquarium background, what kind of fish is that?

      1. Go for it – two are better then one – One will put a thousand to flight but two will put two thousand to flight…One my older teachers who was always coming up with sayings said,” the prayer of faith will move a mountain – but the prayer of agreement will move a mountain range””” that you can put in Gandalfs pipe and smoke it a bit !! You are both blessed to have each other – a great team !!!!!

        Unfortunatly we single guys have to lock arms in fellowship – Im blessed in that the Lord sent the right men / friends to do this with – like a covenant type friendship – we pray for each other – encourage each other- accountable – watch each others backs- and we confront each other when ( in love ) necessary the fruit is always a greater friendship to a tighter closer place in the Lord – Even though Norman spoke of the alone with alone and he is our adiquacy..but maybe Barabra Streisand wasnt compleltely in the flesh when she sang the song “people, pleople who need people are the luckiest people in the world!!

      2. Nah – the words I like not necessarily the singer…although she can hold a note …perhaps someday she’ll become a Messianic Jew now wouldn’t that be something..I know folks that have been praying for her off and on …me I like jazz – classical – some rock ect I stoped trying to keep up with new artist years ago …my favorite are Movie themes …usually very moving music without the assistance of words

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