As many know the 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians is sometimes referred to as “The Love Chapter” and rightfully so. I don’t intend to pick through that whole chapter but I would like to focus your attention on one aspect of it. “Love believes all things & hopes all things.”

My wife Tracey and I found ourselves divorced after five years of marriage. Addiction had completely taken over and ruined our lives but thankfully that’s not the end of the story. After being separated and officially divorced for two years things started to change.

I think it was the year 2000 and I found myself in a methadone treatment program realizing my life was going nowhere. I had a church background and apparently God wasn’t finished with me quite yet. I began an honest and diligent search for answers and direction in life by attempting to read the Bible. Even though at first it didn’t go so well, I was not giving up! I found myself going to church for the first time, at least the first time I really wanted to be there, as an adult. Of course I had attended a few times in the past to soothe Tracey’s desires but never open to receive anything from God.

Now at the age of 31 I found myself truly seeking for the truth I knew was in the Bible but couldn’t quite piece it all together. So I started going to church looking for someone to help me understand the Bible. I knew the answers to my troubles were in that book I just needed someone to show me how to fish them out. As God would have it, after several weeks of attending I ended up at the altar, with Tracey mind you, praying. My prayer was simple. I prayed, “God, you have to show her (Tracey) I mean business!” That was it! I opened myself up for God to do what only He can do and guess what? He did it! That night on my way home I was radically transformed. Jesus called it being born-again.

It wasn’t very long afterwards,  Tracey and I began to talk seriously about getting re-married. She had been living in an apartment owned by a couple who just so happened to be marriage counselors. When Tracey told the man she was going to be moving out because she and I were remarrying he asked her if we would come talk to him first. She asked me about it and I agreed to speak with him first. For those that don’t realize, just the mere fact I agreed to meet with this man, whom I didn’t know mind you, is proof I had been transformed.

We sat in this mans living room for 3 hours listening to him discourage Tracey from marrying me again. He said I would go back to drugs as soon as the first real difficulty came along. Yet another proof I was a new man. The old Louie wouldn’t have stayed to listen to him that long but I knew what had happened to me and knew God had this whole thing and thankfully Tracey did too. She knew me well enough to believe God truly had transformed me so she took the risk and the rest is history. We have been married for 14 years now for the second go at this thing called marriage.

You see love truly does “believe all things and hope all things.” Many times the way someone or something looks or feels isn’t the best way to evaluate them. Jesus had run in after run in with the religious leaders of his day. Time and time again they made the wrong call about Him and His disciples. They got on to Jesus for eating with sinners and went as far as to accuse Jesus of having a demon.

I am not writing this to point a finger of accusation at this man necessarily; but he presented himself as a Christian counselor and yet seemed to have no hope that Christ had, or could change me. When dealing with others and their walk with Christ we aren’t called to be naive but just remember “Love hopes all things and believes all things.” I think this means we never give up hope for others and we continue to believe with, and for, others no matter what. Never forget Christ can transform anyone who is willing to open themselves up to Him.




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