Throughout life we are all called to move on from time to time. Sometimes the workplace we’re in becomes too much or maybe we simply have an opportunity to move into something more suitable for us and our family. The same could be said about a church. Maybe we’ve been called to go out from the environment, or group, we’ve been with for many years, either way how we go is very important. We can either go out with joy, or we can go out dragging hurt feelings and offenses, it’s really our choice in the end.

Sometimes we find ourselves divorced and remarried but we never really healed or dealt with the hurt that caused the division to begin with. This is what some would call baggage. You know what I’m talking about. We leave a situation, whether it be a job, church or even a marriage, and take all of those same problems with us into the next job, church or marriage. So at first it may seem like a fresh, new start, but give it time. The “stuff” you carried with you out of the one comes along into the next. Maybe we’re attempting to solve an inner problem by outer means. There’s an old tale that addresses this very subject I would like to share with you, and I hope you take it to heart because it really doesn’t matter if we move to the moon if we don’t do it with the right heart and attitude.

Back in the days when the settlers were moving to the West, a wise man stood on a hill outside a new Western town. As the settlers came from the East, the wise man was the first person they met before coming to the settlement. They asked eagerly what the people of the town were like.

He answered them with a question: “What were the people like in the town you just left?”

Some said, “The town we came from was wicked. The people were rude gossips who took advantage of innocent people. It was filled with thieves and liars.”

The wise man answered, “This town is the same as the one you left.”

They thanked the man for saving them from the trouble they had just come out of. They then moved on further west.

Then another group of settlers arrived and asked the same question: “What is this town like?”

The wise man asked again, “What was the town like where you came from?” These responded, “It was wonderful! We had dear friends. Everyone looked out for the others’ interest. There was never any lack because all cared for one another. If someone had a big project, the entire community gathered to help. It was a hard decision to leave, but we felt compelled to make way for future generations by going west as pioneers.”

The wise old man said to them exactly what he had said to the other group: “This town is the same as the one you left.”

These people responded with joy, “Let’s settle here!”

How they viewed their past relations was their scope for their future ones.


—- the wise man story was taken from John Bevere “The Bait of Satan”


5 thoughts on “WHAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM?

  1. Simple but pretty profound : I think Scott shared upon these lines before as well….thanks for sharing Louie….the Kingdom is within …

    My friend Bill said something that has stuck with me since we saw you in KY – on the air-flight home he turned to me and said ” you know Nick – Jesus isn’t in Heaven – Heaven is in Him” ….( although yes he is there )…………. blessings Nick

    1. Thanks Nick. It seems those things that are the most profound are rather simple don’t you think? I suppose that’s why Jesus said we must become like little children. I think we tend to lose our imagination and sense of wonder as we grow older but thankfully being born-again brings it back. Being amazed and contented is much easier since becoming a new creature in Christ. Bill’s right. Wherever Jesus is is the place to be.


  2. I like to think of life in an eschatological way–foget the past and move on to the future–in the past I lived too much in the flesh but the future is always developing in Gods spirit life.

    1. I hear ya Kenneth but there are so many who seem to drag their past with them everywhere they go. I’m sure you would agree. I have discovered many of my problems stem from within me rather than out there somewhere. I have known so many that seem to never be content whether it’s vehicles, houses, spouses, churches and on and on. Jesus truly is the only one who can bring true contentment.

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