The world is always looking for the “New and improved” isn’t it? I mean why do you think car companies have to put out new vehicles every year? Seriously, do we need to buy a new vehicle every year? No! Then there’s always the new and improved diet that promises to do for you what none have ever done. How can that be? Do you think maybe they’re just after our money? When it comes to electronics you might as well hang it up. By the time you open the box on the latest I phone, I pad, video game console etc. it’s already been superseded. Will we ever get to the point when we’ll say, no I think I’ll stick with this one?

The New Testament book of Hebrews tells us God had a Covenant with Israel but now in Christ he has inaugurated a better one. Hebrews starts right off telling us God has spoken through many different means and ways in the past but now, finally, he has spoken through his Son Jesus Christ. He tells us he is greater than the prophets and angels and from there he points out to us how he outshines everything found in the Old Covenant.

Beginning with Genesis he shows us how Christ is the priest, after the order of Melchizedek, and is greater than Abraham. He harkens back to Exodus to show us he is greater than Moses and has entered an even greater tabernacle which isn’t of this creation. When it comes to his priestly role he towers over anything the book of Leviticus has to offer and is himself the greater sacrifice. In comparison to Numbers Jesus Christ accomplished leading his followers into the Promised Land by faith. Compared to Deuteronomy we see that Jesus has brought in a new and better covenant and finally, unlike Joshua, leads the people to the true rest found only in him.

This New Covenant found in Jesus’ blood has in fact accomplished the mission therefore there is no need for another one. From the cross Jesus declared “It is finished” which means paid in full. There is absolutely nothing more God is going to do for us. Some folks would say, “That’s awful narrow minded of you to think there’s only one way.” My response to that would be whether it’s narrow minded or not I for one am thankful God has provided the way at all. According to the scriptures there is no newer model on the way; and if we don’t receive Jesus Christ as he has been offered we are without hope in this world and the one to come.




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