Desire of heart“I’m at the lowest in my life, yet I am the happiest I have ever been,” she said with a giggle. I was talking with “Jersey Girl” in jail the other night. She is looking at 10 years in the State Penitentiary. This is a young lady who came to jail never having a desire for a relationship with Jesus Christ. She and her boyfriend lived in the flesh and believed the lies about evolution among other things. The reason I know this is because she has a million questions about the Bible and Jesus. She asked me why Adam and Eve were so smart and then mankind turned into cavemen? You can imagine the look on my face; can’t say I have been asked that one before. I am not worried about untangling the mess; I point her to Jesus and let Him work out all that stuff. She is seeking Him; so she will find Him who is the Truth.

I started out my talk with the ladies telling them of the time I recently spent with my dad and family. He came to visit from Gulf Shores, Alabama. Raising us kids, my dad was a godly man and made sure we lived Jesus not just on Sunday. I am so thankful my dad showed me who love was.

There is trouble in every family and mine was no exception. I think there is unforgiveness that needs dealt with. Parents are not given an instruction manual to raise children unless they are using the Bible. Some parents leave God and the Bible out, which leaves scars and the things that hurt. When the children grow up, they find out for themselves how hard it really is. That is the case in my family as well. I am currently praying for insight from God and the forgiveness will follow.

I also felt lead to share with the ladies in jail about a promise I received from the Lord. I have been going through some trials and what I call, opportunities for faith. So, I prayed to Jesus asking Him to change my circumstances to the desire of my heart. He showed me, through a series of events in my life, where He had done just that. Once when I was a little girl, having surgery on my kidney and bladder, a newspaper man came to do a story on children missing the holiday because of illness. He came while I was in surgery and did the story on my roommate. After hearing the news, it broke my heart. As I grew older, I worked at a newspaper and have been in the newspaper lots of times for photo illustrations and stuff like that.

Another example the Lord showed me was when I was in a bad marriage, and I cried myself to sleep most nights begging the Lord to give me a Christian husband. There was a lot of pain and 2years of waiting before the Lord gave me the desire of my heart.

Having faith in something you can’t see is whole lot harder than it seems. Once you experience Jesus for yourself and His promise to you, you can know He won’t let you down. He hasn’t let me down yet, and He won’t start now. But I had to hear it from Him. That is exactly what happened about a trial I’m going through right now.

Are you going through something that you need to see Jesus? I’m telling you, you can trust in Him, He is right here, just whisper His name and share with Him the desire of your heart. Beware though, the pain comes first, but the glory is always greater!





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