optical illusionFor some reason most people look at Christians as if they have arrived or have got it all together. As if they never had a struggle or at least struggling like they struggle. Maybe there is a superman cape   under those clothes.

Paul instructed Titus to remind them to be subject to authorities, to be obedient and to be ready for every good deed. Most people are too busy looking at their sin and worried about their sin that they miss being ready for the good deed. He says to live peaceable, gentle and considerate of all men. Why? Because we were once foolish ourselves; we were disobedient, deceived, addicted to good pleasures, spending our lives in envy and hating one another.

Right here is when I told the ladies in jail about how I was addicted to marijuana, pills and drinking alcohol. I talked about other people and thought being mean was fun. I was “THAT” girl that nobody liked. But when the kindness of God our Savior and His love for all of us appeared in my life, He saved me. Eventually I realized that God not only gave us His Holy Spirit, He was poured out and it was for His use. God can do whatever He wants with my life and I don’t have to like it. I am justified by His grace, and I am being made an heir according to the hope of eternal life. It took me doing it wrong first and that’s how I got it right, not that I got it right, but I am trusting in the one who is right. He is the keeper of my salvation, and He is the keeper of my life everyday. We may have a will, but He is the power.

I also told those ladies about the time my husband and I were getting ready to divorce, but I was hanging on to the marriage as if I had some kind of control. I thought if I prayed with this preacher or that preacher about my marriage, my husband would be saved and we would live happy ever after. A Christian friend of mine came over one day and we took this cloth and cut it into 12 pieces, anointed and prayed over each piece as we strategically placed them in various places my husband spends time in. That didn’t work either, by the way, because it was in my so called power.

It wasn’t until I placed my trust in Jesus Christ as my redeemer and keeper that He did what I could not do for myself. My husband and I divorced and God called Him in His timing and I listened for when it was my turn to join in what God was already doing. Years later, my husband Louie and I were reconciled after he was born again.

The hard times are for His use, the good times are for His use. When we turn to Him and trust Him for our life, He can not fail us nor does He want to.

Finally, Titus 3:8, “This is a trustworthy statement; and concerning these things I want you to speak confidently, so that those who have believed God will be careful to engage in good deeds. These things are good and profitable for men.”

The three ladies I talked to tonight after the service were different in nature from one another. One lady said she was glad she came to the service to hear from God and was encouraged. Another lady couldn’t tell me what the service was about and continued to tell me how confused she is as to why she is in jail. The last lady was sincere in her commitment to live for God when she gets out and wants her boyfriend to also live for God. She was encouraged by what she heard, and she heard from the Lord.

I didn’t bring any notes from Titus tonight, because I wanted to trust in Jesus who lives in me and because I know that whatever happens, it’s going to be richly poured out for His use.



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