Here’s a blog post from our friend Brian Coatney. I simply couldn’t resist sharing it here. I hope you enjoy!


Deliverance is the answer for chronic, unconquered sin. This is the sin that whips a person until the cry comes forth, “Who will deliver me?” gets uttered with such force and certainty that the answer carries equal force and certainty. One sin becomes the sum of all sins. For Paul, it was covetousness. He doesn’t say what he coveted, and that is wise because coveting is the point, plus no one can say, “Paul was beset with such and such, but I’m not tempted in that direction.” 

Something a man wants but can’t have bores the deepest, persistent hole in him, and he knows that he cannot have it, yet he lusts for it and cannot stop, making him a slave still of that forbidden thing. His craving drives him crazy, and he tries every way to withstand temptation but fails every time, leading him to say, “Wretched man that…

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2 thoughts on “Deliverance

  1. yea those words–god did not create us to have power but to contain power–sums up the whole deal–we are not autonimus (I know I miss-spelled it) but we either contain the tree of life or the tree of the knowledge of advantage or disadvantage,we either are under the influence of satan or god but we are not under our own control and our conduct expresses the one.

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