“You can’t put new cloth on an old garment or new wine into old wineskins.”

Reading in Matthew this morning where Jesus is telling us we need him not some religious tradition or ritual. While circumcision, Sabbath laws and fasting are okay in their time in the New Covenant we simply can’t add anything to Christ. He is the New Covenant. Wasn’t he the one who said, “This is the New Covenant in my blood?” Why do people attempt to squeeze him into their religious observances?

Throughout Jesus’ time ministering on the earth, as recorded in the Gospels, he lived in a transitional period. The Pharisees were tenaciously clinging to their Judaism while the disciples of John were attempting to bring Christ into the old system. I think this is why so many have difficulty understanding Jesus. The approximately three year time period in which he walked the earth ministering and teaching about the New Covenant will never be repeated. On the cross he proclaimed “It is finished!” There is no going back to the Old and the good news is there’s no need to because in Christ we have all we need for life and godliness.

Although this may be elementary to some God is showing me lately more and more how error is allowed into our lives. Even in the most God loving churches there is a subtle attempt to marry the Old Covenant practices or should I say, “religious” practices, with Christ. It is just too scary to let go of everything but if we don’t we can’t have Jesus Christ. He is telling us choose me and let go of everything else you have been counting on. Don’t simply add me to your long list of religious practices trust in me only.

One of the Apostle Paul’s biggest challenges in Galatia was the infiltration of Judaism. There were Jews from Jerusalem telling them they had to be circumcised. Paul adamantly opposed this saying “I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.” A Christian is one in whom the Spirit of God dwells. If we are going about trying to be a Christian, rather than simply letting Christ be our life, we will find ourselves in frustration rather than faith.



9 thoughts on “JESUS IS ALL WE NEED

  1. Yea really it all boils down to frustration verses faithfulness=frustration ….his faithfulness= gods glory.

    1. That’s right Kenneth and it seems for most of us the frustration is what eventually leads to faith. Without the frustration we tend to not learn to Christ. God is too cool like that!

  2. Excellent Louie – a little leaven, leavens the whole lump – hope all is well with you and yours…If you think of my dad shoot up a prayer he is 88 going on 89 has good days and then some rough ones
    ( slight alzheimer’s – ) wanted to recommend a great little paper book to you by watchman nee “Christ the sum of all spiritual things” you can pick one up on amazon used for like .50 cents

    I know you’ll love the book …..

    many blessings Nicholas

    1. Thanks Nicholas you are right about the leaven. I am constantly shocked at how subtle the attempts are to mix the Old and New Covenants. It’s as if we just can’t trust Christ alone even as the “bewitched” Galatians in Paul’s day. As far as your dad is concerned that’s pretty awesome he has lived to 88. It was just a few hours ago my mother was showing me the symptoms of Parkinson’s and wondering if that’s what my dad is showing signs of; he’s 73.

      God said in Genesis “from dust you came and to dust you shall return.” As we and others get older it becomes more and more apparent all the time this body isn’t meant to last but thank God we have the promise of a new one to go with the New Spirit we have already received!!
      thanks and God bless,

      1. You got it mixture – and false doctrine that I was under for quite a while with the Word of faith ( that was one tough root for the Lord to pull out – not pleasant ) – the living word vs the written word – that had some truths but missed the Gospel message which is Christ – John 5:39 “You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me! It is subtle though your right – I believe many of those folks are saved but miss out on true fellowship with the Lord… but even Peter said Paul writes of things they didnt understand – it takes as Sylvia says a severe mercy at times to reveal it ….wish I lived closer to you folks….Louie your blessing

      2. Thanks again Nick, and you’re right, most of the time it takes quite that shake-up to move us on to see it. The good news is once you do see, you really can’t go back…thank you Lord! We just give others the truth as they allow us and let God do the awakening. It is frustrating sometimes but ultimately we know only God can give sight to the blind and raise the dead. Our job is to simply give out to all that will receive and know that one day the light will click on for them just as it did for us.
        thanks so much,

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