I met a girl, who looks like a boy and is afraid to love. I told her about the love of Jesus, and she said that was a strong word. “You’re right, it is a strong word,” I told her. She has been coming to jail-church for quite a while, but has never asked to talk, until now. One of the first things she declares to me is that she is gay. I asked her, “What makes you think you are gay?” She shares with me that she was abused as a child by a man. I understand the hurt is real, but that reason alone does not make a person gay. She talked of how her grandma died and her grandfather remarried a year after her death; it bothered her so much and sent her into a life of rebellion. The grandfather’s wife was able to make things right with her, and her relationship with her grandfather was restored. He is the one person in her life in which she sees the love of God. He has never given up on her, even when he is disappointed in her choice of lifestyle. He doesn’t support her dressing like a boy, but he loves without condition.

The thing that I found so special about her and the reason she asked to speak to me was to ask me about salvation. Our conversation was interesting and truthful. I am encouraged by her question because I know anytime we seek the Lord and open our heart to Him; He comes in and changes us. Before we left the law box, she had one more question; “next week, if we can talk, I’d like to know how you know when God is speaking to you.” I can’t wait to see what she says next time I see her. We hugged and I told her I loved her and would be praying for her, “I like you too,” she said. (She can’t say the word love)

Tonight being Thanksgiving was appropriate to say what we are thankful for. Margo started out and had paper turkeys’ with one letter on each spelling out THANKFUL. She asked 8 ladies to say 2 things for each letter they were thankful for, one earthly and one spirit. I thought that was a perfect segway into what the Lord showed me to share with them.

Every Thanksgiving our focus turns to what we are going to make for dinner and whose going to bring what. In John 4 Jesus talks to the woman at the well about drinking the eternal water that brings life. Then in John 6 Jesus says to eat his flesh and drink his blood. But he is not talking about cannibalism, He’s talking Spirit. He who eats and drinks of Him will live forever. These other things are a picture of what He is really talking about, but they couldn’t understand what He was saying. The same things happen to us today, we don’t understand what He is saying to us, until He uses pictures to show us.

For example, there were 2 trees in the garden, one was earthy and one was heavenly. We ate of the wrong tree and now we are always worried whether we are doing the right thing or the wrong thing, but the point is that are we alive or dead? I heard it said once, “Jesus didn’t come here to make bad people good, but He came here to make dead people live.” Jesus is the life, He is the Way. We take Him into us; we have life, eternal life.

I had a great time with the ladies here for Thanksgiving, hearing them be thankful to God for the Truth, for family and for being free on the inside. God is love and He gives Himself, and I am thankful for the opportunities He gives me to minister and to be ministered to.

Pray for this lady who is afraid to love, be loved and to say the word love. She is in for the biggest blessing and healing she has ever known; she is getting ready to meet the healer and the lover.



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