As one’s parents start to age you find yourself doing things you’ve never done before. Recently I had to take my father to the dentist and on the way home we stopped at another office so he could have some blood work done. He’s basically wheelchair bound so these trips involve putting his chair in the trunk of my car and so on. On this most recent outing it dawned on me how it takes the Spirit of God to do even what sometimes seems like routine or maybe even boring things.

Sitting in the second waiting room it occurred to me how in the old days, back before I was born again, how I would have had such difficulty just sitting there and waiting. There was a television show on but I really had no interest in it whatsoever. It was at that point I realized I was living in the fruit of the Holy Spirit. In Galatians 5 patience, or long-suffering, if you prefer a King James word, is in the list of attributes or fruit of the Holy Spirit. In that second I understood how our supernatural God is present even in the most routine, and seemingly mundane things, we do everyday.

The more I thought about this the more I thought there are aspects of the Bible I may have missed. For instance when I think about Noah I think what a story! Here’s this man God tells to build a boat and gives him the exact measurements.  We tend to think wouldn’t it be great if God told me something like that? Then I remembered how he worked on that boat for years. Can you imagine the day in and day out tediousness of his work? We have no record of Noah hearing from God during these years. I’m not saying he didn’t, but it seems to me he had to get up and go to work each day with nothing extraordinary happening just like we do. With all the endless measuring, hammering and sawing I’m sure there were times when he thought I’m done with this. I’m going to look for something else to do and besides these people continue to mock me saying, “Where’s this rain you speak of?” It took the keeping power of the Spirit of God in order for Noah to finish his job.

Moses is another one we sometimes glamorize. We sort of skip over the fact he spent forty years living in the desert as a shepherd. We know he was God’s man but what do you think he was thinking during those forty long sheep herding years? I bet there were more than a few times the smell of sheep made him think, I’ve had enough of this. Can you imagine how many times he had to track down wanderers? If Moses lived in our day he would probably be tempted to go out and buy a corvette or something to alleviate the restlessness of his midlife crisis don’t you think?

You know sometimes life isn’t all that glamorous and it’s filled with dentist’s offices, waiting rooms, lawn mowing, leaf blowing, litter boxes and so on. The key here is to keep our thoughts on Christ because he is the one who grows the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. The next time you find yourself feeling a bit restless or impatient thank God for his presence,even in what may appear to be a bit monotonous at first, because it just may be he’s preparing you for something amazing just around the corner.




  1. Wonderful post! Moses saw the glory of the Lord! That must have been pretty exciting. What we have today is even more exciting ala the glory in II Corinthians 3:18! Thankful for your post!

    1. Thanks G and you’re right Moses did see some pretty fantastic stuff, but I’m sure there were times during the daily grind when he thought he wouldn’t be able to go on. I suppose without those times we deem less exciting we wouldn’t be able to appreciate those glorious times would we?
      Thanks so much for the encouraging comments,

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