Paul said he had “no confidence in the flesh” and yet we’re always hearing someone telling us to try harder or do better. Maybe we should look a little closer at what the Apostle Paul told us in Philippians 3. He said, “What things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.” Everything he counted on suddenly was of little importance after receiving the revelation of Christ in him.

As far as the world evaluates things Paul was the man. He was of the right heritage, the right education, the right religion etc. He too thought he was something until he met the risen Jesus Christ. His world was turned upside down that day. I’m sure all of what he thought he understood about the Law and Prophets was shaken. He went into the desert for a few years and had a little one on one time with God, and it seems he came away from that experience with a completely new perspective.

Before the incident on the road to Damascus Paul thought he was doing God’s will by persecuting the followers of Jesus. After his extended meeting with God in the desert he came to the conclusion that Jesus Christ, by way of the Holy Spirit, had actually taken up residence within him. He told the Galatians “But when it pleased God…to reveal his Son in me…” God had shown Paul that the will of God was actually to have his Son living inside his believers. Once Paul was enlightened to this his life’s mission became to help others to see it. Later in chapter four of Galatians Paul said, “I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.” He wanted so badly for them to come to the understanding God had given him which is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Once Christ is revealed in you you will long for others to catch on too. The peace, love, joy and rest we are promised are really attributes of Christ himself, and it is only after we come to know he truly lives in us that we will begin to tap into these things. The gifts of God are not so many things that he is dishing out to us one at a time rather they all come with Jesus Christ. If we have him we have all the fruit of the Spirit because he can’t separate himself from his character, but he can live his character out through our lives. How about you? Where does your confidence lie?




  1. wow such a great post–that is exactly what im trying to show to my Christian boss–when he has a decision to make in his life he will ask me what to do–I tell him to let Christ inside of him to direct him–he is one of those Christians that relies on his interpretations of the bible for his directions and I have told him that the bible is a book of statements about god and man but the reality of your Christianity is that you have the actual being of Christ inside of you governing your mind,emotions,and will–he will direct you and you will follow–then the statements of the bible will be verified–so first is my confidence in the being of gods being in me controlling my life and then when I read the bible I see the statements about how it actually took place.of course my bosses problem is that he has not realized his crucifiction to his own wisdom yet.as the saying goes–without the cross there is no resurrection life.

    1. Thanks Kenneth. You’re so right, the deception of separation and a false sense of independence runs very deep. It really takes a miracle to see the truth. The good thing is most tend to run into something too big for their own intellect to understand or figure out and it forces them to look toward Christ. “Lean not unto your own understanding…”
      thanks again,

      1. yea right on–that’s how it happened to me–I just wonder sometimes why god doesn’t reveal it to my boss the same way but he tells me–well you didn’t get the same method of conversion that paul did either but you got the same thing so just let me do what I do using my own methods–exodus 14:14

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