fire doveI haven’t written in a while since my book came out, but this time in jail really touched my heart and I had to write about it. There are three stories I want to share, but first I want to tell you the subject of the night’s Word of the Lord. It was about faith, but how faith is dependency on God. The lack of faith would mean you don’t trust Him or believe Him. The Bible says, “Anything that is not of faith is sin.” It also says that the righteous will live by faith; which means the unrighteous don’t live by faith. Sounds to me like the faith thing is pretty important; matter of fact, it’s so important that God deals each person a measure of faith. That’s so when we stand face to face with God one day, we can’t say we didn’t have enough faith to be saved. Faith is receiving, it’s available, it’s desirable and when you take it, it takes you.

When these three ladies asked to talk, I had no idea what they wanted to say or what was bothering them. But I did notice one thing they each had in common they came through fire to get to jail. The first girl was raised by her grandma who is an avid Jehovah Witness but battled with depression. The girl was eventually given up to foster homes at the age of 12 which she ran away from frequently. Her and her brother ended up on the streets for months at a time. This is where she remembered her innocence left her, and she turned to a life of drugs. As she grew older, and became involved with a guy, she found herself in a big city living off of drug money. The times got worse and she lost everything, she was spending nights in a tent and lost all hope. She’s a fighter and nothing scared her; so she stole a car and decided to come to Kentucky to find her mom. Before she took the time to make contact, the car she stole caught on fire on the interstate, and she and her boyfriend found themselves in jail. If it wasn’t for the fire, she would still be out on the run. God brought her to ChristianCounty Jail where Jesus found her, and this night in jail she is asking me about how to fast. Yep, she hasn’t had any food in the last two days and she is seeking the Lord for a closer relationship. I asked her if she was saved and she couldn’t give me a definitive answer, but I know she will know after her 10 days of fasting.

The second lady wanted to talk about what to do after she gets out of jail concerning her child and where to live. She has a husband, but has been using drugs for several years and hasn’t had custody of her child. The horrific story she told me of how she got put in jail was also through a fire. She was in a car accident with her mom and they were fighting at the time and hit another vehicle head on. She was thrown from the vehicle and her mother was trapped inside as the fire grew closer. Her mom is a bigger woman than herself and yet, she was able to pull her mom out of the fire with the strength of Jesus. Her clothes were torn and her foot was broken up but yet, through the power of God, she says, they were able to save her mom. This lady has a lot of healing to do in her relationship with her mom as a result of being emancipated at the age of 15 although she did manage to put herself through college and became a nurse. This is a woman who has never depended on anybody, thinking and doing things in her own strength and power. Since being in jail, she has learned that she has no power of her own and has never done anything on her own. She remembers a time she loved Jesus and now, she wants Him in her life, and I believe it wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t go through the fire first.

This last lady is little in stature and is full of anger which could be interpreted as fire. She has moved around so much in her life that she has no family but has always sought for one and has frequently been let down. She came to us for prayer seeking Jesus to give her peace. She is so passionate when she speaks. At times you see her lips quivering, but it’s not because she is cold, it’s because of fear. She didn’t know why she quivers until tonight, the Lord revealed to her what it was and now she is asking for Jesus in her life.

If we are honest we all have had to go through a fire to come to the realization that we need Jesus. In a sense all of our lives are so different, but in many ways they are exactly the same and whether or not we end up in jail isn’t really the issue rather did we end up coming to Jesus?



6 thoughts on “THROUGH THE FIRE

  1. yea the old saying is there is not a Pentecost unless there is a calvary–I know its true by my own experiences–thanks tracey for the good post

  2. He never promised that the cross would not get heavy, or the hill would not be hard to climb. He never offered VICTORY without FIGHTING but He said HELP WILL ALWAYS COME IN TIME!!! Just remember when you’re standing, in the valley of decision, and the adversary says “give in” Just HOLD ON Our Lord will SHOW UP and He will take you THROUGH THE FIRE AGAIN!!!!!

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