“Anything that is not of faith is sin.” I had a few thoughts about this statement this morning while talking with Tracey. She came in the door talking about something she had heard on the radio and the brief but meaty conversation left me thinking.

If we were created to contain the Holy Spirit that means we are meant to be dependent on God. Sin of course, at its root, is the false idea that we can be our own boss. It is thinking, whether consciously or unconsciously, that we are independent beings as if God expects us to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps and start behaving as he wants us too.

Let’s see if I can define the terms faith and sin for the sake of our thoughts today. Sin comes from attempting to be our own god which comes from the mind of Satan. After all he was the one that originally said, “I will be like the Most High” isn’t he? He is “Mr. Independent.”Faith, on the other hand, means we are completely and utterly dependent upon Christ in us to do what only he can do through us. So you see the root of sin is oddly enough based on a lie. The lie has even been accepted by many in the church which comes out in phrases like “We need to do more for God”, and “We should be like Jesus.” What if God’s plan for us has always been to be the Temple of the Holy Spirit rather than attempt to make ourselves like him?

If Satan’s problem stems from wanting to be like the Most High don’t you think our trying would be a problem for us too? When we are trying, in our own supposed power, to make ourselves what God wants us to be we are merely joining into Satan’s deception and setting ourselves up as our own god. On the other hand, if we come to the place where we see ourselves as having no power of our own, to do anything on our own that is pleasing to God, we will live by faith in the only one who can which is Christ.



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