Everyday it becomes more and more apparent to me that we all have the same problem at the root. Each of us may have a different flavor of hangup but if you look close enough you will discover the same source.

Whether your problem is anger, lust, drugs or sex they all find their cause in a false sense of independence. Since the Garden of Eden debacle we have all been born under the delusion that we are self-operators, self-sufficient, self-motivated. In other words we are just ourselves and everything else is here to serve me and my purposes. We are our own boss, the masters of our destiny and it’s up to us to make our lives work and succeed in the manner we see fit. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I have talked to three young men who are in jail over the past three weeks, and even though I say I know these things, I am still amazed how similar their stories have been. When in jail you are left with plenty of time to think, particularly about things going on outside. Swirling or racing thoughts are one of the main things they have to learn how to deal with the most. How do you remain in a jail cell with no ability to do anything without going mad? What is the key to finding peace in such a situation?

I have found the source of peace is the same no matter what the physical setting; it’s Jesus Christ. You see as long as we see ourselves as independent, and able to run our own lives, we will continue in the delusion but once we find ourselves in a place of powerlessness we are forced to see things otherwise. In a way being locked up can become the greatest thing to happen. It is one way God uses to force us to wake up to the fact we are in charge of nothing! In that environment you can’t even leave a room without someone else opening the door for you.

In the end we all have our own reasons to give as to why we are where we are in life whether it’s because you never knew your father or grew up poor or have witnessed some very horrible things. Each of us at some point in our lives have to come to the place where we see and understand we are not in charge. I know that may sound like one of those “Duh” moments but if your honest we have all lived as though we were our own boss at one time or the other. Thankfully God love’s us so much he finds a way to corner us.

Psalm 139:5 tells us “You hem me in–behind and before, you have laid your hand upon me.” NIV



10 thoughts on “THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM

  1. He is the greatest BFF (best friend forever)! I am one of those person who he hemmed in behind and before and felt peace in the darkest of days!! Thankful for being hemmed in!!!!

  2. wow such a great word–it goes along with the article I read on the internet this morning by t.austin sparks–it was about living by faith and that’s what life is all about–faith in gods life not our self management or any other human management.

    1. So true Kenneth we’ve come a long way once we see our inability to manage things. There’s a reason we call him Lord and it’s because he is the only one that knows how to run our lives. I say let’s let him do it!

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