The devil, as we “religious folks” (sarcasm intended) like to call him, is quite the imitator and manipulator. I recently watched a man tell of, what he called, his “spiritual awakening” even though he never really mentions what spirit he is talking about. He used terms like consciousness, awakening, ego, etc. Personally I don’t have a problem with any of these words, but the problem for me occurs because he never gives credit where it is due. He talked plenty about being awakened to his “real” self, but I’m still not sure whom that real self is. He seemed to be teaching about an awakening that happens apart from God.

He talked of how most of us have a running dialogue in our minds. He said, “We have thoughts that are always telling us things about people around us and various things taking place in our lives.” This is a subconscious flow of thoughts that seem to be going on without our even trying to have them. For some it can become a great source of struggle as they attempt to control their thoughts. While he seemed to be giving some good advice on how to deal with these runaway thoughts I couldn’t help but notice he never gave credit to Jesus Christ for being the one who showed him these things. It is after all the Word of God that divides soul and spirit for us.

Our thoughts are not the real us they are fleeting ideas we have about everything and everyone and usually there are a fair amount of them that are negative and sometimes even tormenting. If we could just stop thinking for one minute we say. Well, the good news is, while we may not stop thinking, we can live in peace apart from them. We can come to the place where we see our true selves as separate from our thoughts. This is the difference between our soul and spirit.

According to the Bible we humans are made up of spirit/soul and body. We are a three part being. Our thoughts for instance would be in the soul realm which also includes our emotions. We may think or feel quite a few different things throughout any given moment of the day and that’s okay. That’s the way God created us to work. The good news is if we have received Jesus Christ, by way of the Holy Spirit, we can live in union with him; our human spirit joined to his Holy Spirit as one. This is the real you.

I for one believe it is only God that can give us this needed spiritual awakening. He makes it possible for us to get a viewpoint of ourselves apart from our thoughts and feelings. If we could see our true selves joined to him, and our thoughts and feelings as fleeting, rather than who we really are, we would be able to move through life with much less stress. The funny thing is for most of us the only way we ever come to this enlightenment is after the stress and struggles of life become too much to bear. It is at such a moment that our false self, the self we thought we were, collapses and we are awakened to see ourselves from God’s viewpoint. We were designed to be in union with him so we learn to live from that rather than the various and fleeting thoughts and feelings we may have throughout our day.




  1. as per say your posts are gripping–I had what I call a spiritual awakening on 09/11/01 and mine was like what you describe–the lord gave me a vision–he showed me himself as the exalted one-then over the last 12 years he has told me that he knows how to live the true Christian life like he did when he was on earth back yonder some 2000 yrs. ago–a life lived by his indwelling father and now today my life is to be lived the same way–the only struggle is I have this poison of the knowledge of good and evil in me so its a slow prosses to the actual reality of my death to that knowledge but I press on ever learning.

    • Thanks Kenneth. I just heard a man today saying, “The Christian life isn’t hard…it’s impossible! Only Christ can live the Christian life.
      Our part is learning how to let him do it.
      thanks again,

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