downloadRecently I listened to a conversation about marriage counseling. One man was telling of a couple that was so bitter and angry with one another they couldn’t be in the same room together. He wanted to help them work on reconciling but had to try something other than his usual method of having them sit and listen to one another.

One of the men said, “Imagine a triangle with God being the top point and the man and woman being the bottom two points. If the man and woman were to draw closer to God they would automatically be drawn closer to each other.” Can you see it? As each of the bottom two points moved toward the top point they would have to get closer to each other based on how a triangle is shaped.

This is what the counselor did. Rather than have them together he decided to lead each of them in a Bible study separately. As time went by, and each of them became more and more intimate with God, strangely enough they grew closer to each other. I thought this was too cool. You see the key is always our relationship with God. Once that’s established our relationships with each other will take care of themselves.




  1. I studied to be a marriage counselor after my divorce and that’s exactly the formula I used–however most humans do not really know what it means to be in relations with someone particularly with god-much less with other humans–I gave up on the idea of being a marriage counselor and instead I consider myself a spiritual director and the results are just as bad–which proves my point–humans just don’t understand what relationships really are all about

    • I can understand that Kenneth and I guess that is just another reason why God has to fix what we’ve broken. Thank God Jesus sent the comforter, huh? It seems he has made our part pretty simple. We just have to point others to Jesus Christ and the work he’s done for us. That takes away the need for us to know how to mend these things and teaches us to rely on him at the same time.

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