What some are saying about “Meet me at the Bean flap”

Tracey's new book "Meet me at the Bean flap"

Tracey’s new book “Meet me at the Bean flap”

Lewis’s first book, “Meet me at the bean flap: Finding freedom on the inside,” lets readers inside the sometimes gritty, sometimes sweet world of the Christian County Jail. Presented in the form of a journal, each chapter of this book records one of her weekly visits to the jail, where she ministered, prayed and counseled inmates with other Christian women. Each entry begins with Biblical inspiration that characterized the visit. Lewis also opens up some of the stories of individual inmates, using pseudonyms to protect their privacy. You’ll find intimate portrayals of hardened hearts, broken hearts and hearts desperate for God’s love. You’ll also learn a little about what goes into reaching others with a love that transcends human love. Through its simplicity and vulnerability, perhaps this book will also inspire you to reach out to the imprisoned people in your community.***Full Disclosure: I had the privilege of working with the author when she first began stepping out in faith to visit inmates at the jail. I’ve also helped her with some of the editing of this book. I know that God really did a great work in her heart through her obedience and consistent ministry to these ladies. Her time in the jail energized her (and energizes her still), and I think it shows in the stories she shares in this book.***    Emily Parrino

Tracey, the author, is my life-long friend & my sister in our Savior! Although I was excited to have my own copy of this book & wanted to support her new publication, I could not afford to buy it. I am recently released from Christian County Jail & being supported by family members. Included in these abundant blessings, I was given a copy of “Meet Me at the Bean Flap” by a fellow Christian! Although I met Tracey many years ago way outside of any jail , we have met at the bean flap more than a few times ! She ministered to me there & to so many others. This book is an extension of the great works the God is doing in Tracey & through her to help me draw nearer to Him. I have shared the book w/2 other women in my life – all 3 of us on completely different walks w/the Lord & on 3 completely different paths in the world. Through God this book is having the same impact on them! I believe that anyone who reads this book will be drawn nearer to our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ! As Tracey shares her growing w/Almighty God through the ministry @ Christian County Jail- we can all know JESUS, walk more closely to HIM, & receive HIS grace!!! This book is written so that u can pick it up & flip to any page for a quick inspiration or be read straight through if time allows. This book will not end up just sitting in it’s spot on a bookshelf, but will always be re-read & used for daily inspiration!    Shannon M. Taylor

Tracey has an incredible view of women who have committed crimes and are searching for something to guide them out of their shadows and darkness that accompany the bad choices they have made. Her ministry with female prisoners is truly a light at the end of the tunnel for many of them, and she shows them the way to change through accepting Christ and enlightens them about His unconditional love. This is an account of only a few of the lives she has touched, and her passion for guiding others really shines through in her words and actions.   Deanna Wolfe

This book was truly an inspiration. It shows you that Gods work is happening everywhere. It’s so personally written as Tracey shares stories of people she has helped along with the help from God. Truly a must read. 🙂   Danielle Carden

Great Christian book, just goes show that not everything is on the outside, Loved the book a must read…. great insight of people and where they are going or need to go…..   Randy Waller


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