The Women of Hope sing about the change Christ has made in their lives
The Women of Hope sing about the change Christ has made in their lives

Tracey and I just had the most amazing weekend in Jackson Tennessee with a group of women that are reaching out to grab a hold of Jesus Christ with both hands. These women have been given a second chance at life and from what I can tell they’re taking it.

The Women of Hope center located in Jackson Tennessee has had eighty women to graduate from their faith-based rehabilitation center since they began. It is a discipleship based spiritual retreat for women. Their vision is to help women that are caught in the vicious cycle of addiction. They stay for a minimum of six months and while there they attend Celebrate Recovery meetings, go through a 52 lesson plan Bible study, along with a workforce program and many other Biblically based studies.

AlthoughTracey had been to the Women of Hope center two times before this was my first visit. I was truly blessed and impressed by the peaceful and Spirit led attitude of all involved. Since I come from a background of addiction I fully grasped what was going on and believe what they are doing there is what Jesus is truly all about. He said, “I have come to seek and save that which is lost…and the well don’t need a doctor.” The Women of Hope are doing just that in reaching out to women who are in need of a good dose of the grace of God.

While we were there we sat in on a Celebrate recovery meeting with the ladies and several others in attendance. For those who don’t know what Celebrate recovery is let me just say it is structured like most twelve step programs but with more emphasis on the Bible. They recited the Serenity prayer, gave out chips to recognize differing periods of sobriety and Tracey and I were asked to share our testimony.

Tracey started by sharing a little bit about how she was raised and how she met me. We took turns telling them about our being married, divorced and remarried after my long battle with drugs and alcohol had finally ended. We took the opportunity to share some scriptures with them and encourage them that God will make them whole again and even restore broken relationships in their lives. Most of all we just wanted to tell them to never give up on their sobriety and on Jesus Christ.

There are so many things that took place in our very short time there I simply can’t go into them at this time. Let me just say this though. If you or anyone you know is in a struggle with addiction I encourage you to contact the Women of Hope Center. Marcie Hendrick, the Executive director, and her staff are very gracious, loving but firm to all of these young ladies. Through them the Spirit of God is freeing these young ladies from addictions, making them whole and filling them with hope for a better life.

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to be a small part of what God is doing in Jackson Tennessee at the Women of Hope recovery center. I hope you will pray and support them in any way you can, because they truly are conducting God’s business there and lives are being transformed forever.


Click here and see what’s happening at the Women of Hope ministries.


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