The desire to help others comes from the Spirit of God in us. God’s Spirit is always about helping others even if it costs him everything. After all, God loved us so much he gave his only begotten son in order to save us. That same Spirit lives in those that have been born again and they in turn are given a heart for those in a fix.

There is a young man, I first met in jail, I spoke with at the Coffee shop downtown. Every-time I see him he seems to be in a quandary or some sort of troubled state. The good news is it isn’t about him personally this time but it is about his desire to help others. The first time he was struggling with what to do with a man that seemed to only want money from him. This time I spoke with him he had a brand new set of troubles. It seems he has befriended another young man and is letting him store his things in his car. The problem is this young man is in the middle of some legal trouble and my friend is unsure how to handle it. He asked me if I would pray for him; so we found a quiet place to talk, and he proceeded to tell me the details of the situation.

This young man is living in a car, and yet he is letting another guy keep his clothes and personal items in the car because he doesn’t have anywhere to go. The young man that owns the car is asking me what he should do. Should he avoid the young man in legal trouble or stick with him? My first response to this whole situation was “I don’t know if this is one of those situations that have a simple “Right” or “Wrong” answer.  I told him”If this guy is engaged in illegal activity, and you know it and are still a part of it by enabling him or covering for him, you could end up in trouble with him.” If he’s waiting to go to court over something that has already taken place then that’s another story all together. My final answer to him was “you need to make up your mind on this for yourself. I think it’s great you are seeking the advice of others, but you need to do what God tells you to do.”

We sat down, and I prayed for him. I prayed God would speak to him clearly and directly. I also prayed that he would do what he was told whether it seemed difficult, or even illogical, because God will show him. We are told to ask, seek and knock and I don’t think God is trying to keep us in the dark. He wants to show us the way, but we have to be truly willing to listen when he does.




  1. yea really–listening is where its at–you don’t want to listen to satan and listening to other humans is risky because of their capability of being deceived but god himself is totally trustworthy.

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