The day after learning about the fixes in our lives and how to deal with them I had a real life situation in which to exercise my knew found insight. It came about by way of a visit from a friend who told me of a life changing event that had taken place just days before.

I had a visit from a man whose daughter used to be wrapped up in addiction. Thank God she has been saved and her life is on the mend, but of course that doesn’t mean she no longer has things in her life that need God’s attention. She had a boyfriend back in those days that apparently hurt her pretty deeply and she’s having a difficult time forgiving him. Well the father, that came to see me, had some great news to tell me. He had just been in a gathering of believers and the ex-boyfriend was one of them. He told me when he found out he was in the crowd he went to talk with him. He said to me, “As I approached him he wasn’t the same man, Louie!” He told me he asked him for forgiveness and told him he forgave him too. He spoke with him for 15 minutes or so and walked away in amazement at the transformation God had performed in this young man’s life.

As you can imagine my friend goes home and is thinking to himself “Wow! God is so great!” He couldn’t wait to tell his wife and daughter the news. There was one problem though, the daughter didn’t respond in the way he had hoped she would in fact she became greatly upset because of the news, became angry and started to cry. You see this guy caused her a lot of pain and at that particular moment she was not prepared to forgive him.

The dad of course wants to fix this situation and wants all involved to be reconciled and made whole in Christ. No one is suggesting they have to start dating again, but this is one of those fixes only God can really fix, but she has to be willing to let God do what only he can do. He is the master of fixing fixes.

This story reminded me of when I was born again and my attempts to convince Tracey I was a changed man. She really didn’t trust me at first, but over a period of time, and her being around me,she eventually became convinced God had done a miracle in my life. I think this is going to be this young ladies path too. If she can get over the initial disappointment and anger long enough to just take a chance at seeing this young man as the new creature in Christ that he is, God can convince her to forgive him.




  1. well that’s just where it needs to go–if I know Christ is being expressed out of my life I look for his expression out of the other–when I see it then I know we are on the same lap–that’s nascar talk.

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