Earthly wisdom is full of bitter jealousy, selfish ambition and arrogance which is demonic. The wisdom that comes down from above is pure, peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering and without hypocrisy. (James 3:14-17)

Throughout the scriptures we find a contrast between two types of wisdom. One of them is earthly and the other heavenly and we get to choose which one we want to abide by. In the book of Proverbs we meet Wisdom, who is from above, and she is crying out in the street to any who is willing to receive her. She says, “How long, oh naive ones, will you love being simple-minded? And scoffers delight themselves in scoffing and fools hate knowledge? Turn to my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit on you; I will make my words known to you.” She is longing for the fool to become wise so she offers herself to any who are willing and open to have her. Her only requirement is for us to take her reproof, or correction, and turn to her. You see at the root of our problem is pride, and in order to receive this Wisdom from above we must humble ourselves or be humbled. That is just where the trouble occurs because we have been following after the world’s wisdom for far too long. We have lived in the deception that we are to look out for number one and this of course plays right into the earthly wisdom which is full of bitter jealousy and selfish ambition. Everything around us says, “Get all you can, can all you get and sit on the can!”

The wisdom which is worldly is down right sneaky. She comes out at twilight seeking prey. She lurks behind every corner and seizes the young man lacking in sense. She says, “Come, let us drink our fill of love until morning; let us delight ourselves with caresses. For my husband is not at home, he has gone on a long journey; he has taken a bag of money with him…”  With many persuasions she entices him; with her flattering lips she seduces him. He follows her like an ox goes to the slaughter. This earthly wisdom is full of manipulation and deceit. She is full of promises but has no ability to fulfill them in the end. Her ways will end in death.

When it comes to God’s Wisdom everything is in the light, open and free to them that are willing to receive. The world’s wisdom on the other hand is sneaky and undercover of the night. God’s Wisdom is peaceful, gentle and pure without a hidden agenda, but the world’s has hidden motives and manipulation at its center. God’s Wisdom is meant to bring others in to the plan of God, but the world’s wisdom is all about furthering your own reputation and flattering yourself. The contrast is quite remarkable once you see it.

After all is said and done earthly wisdom is fleeting; it is appointed for all men to die. We are not going to remain in the earthly realm forever so why not get hold of the heavenly in the here and now? Jesus once asked, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” God’s children are going to rule his kingdom one day, so we must learn how to discern between the heavenly and earthly or we may find ourselves focusing and fighting on behalf of a fleeting kingdom.

In conclusion “With all your acquiring, get understanding. Prize her, and she will exalt you; she will honor you if you embrace her…” There’s coming a day when all we will have is what we have turned over to God. Jesus said to ask, seek and knock. Seems simple enough doesn’t it? Remember God chooses the “Foolish” things to confound the wise, in the worlds’ wisdom that is.

Written by Louie



  1. Louie, this is really good. I was thinking why does this sound familiar, it’s because I wrote something along the same line & Brian posted it on his blog, but it essentially says the same thing, just in different words, I call my piece “the Wisdom from above” you can read it just go to Brians’ blog & in the search box type in “Konick”. Love to you & Tracey

    • Thanks Donald. Isn’t it amazing how the line is drawn between the heavenly and the earthly throughout the scriptures? God’s wisdom does seem to run contrary to the world’s in every way.
      thanks bro.

  2. The big word in your post that struck me was pride..the only way that god gets through to us is when we are not caught up in human/satanic pride.

    • You are right Kenneth. For me to see that asking, seeking and knocking required humility was quite an insight. If we have the idea that we know or we’re not in need of what God has for us (pride) we would never ask, seek or knock would we?
      thanks so much,

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