Here I am at Pawley's Island!
Here I am at Pawley’s Island!

Tonight in jail was unlike any time I’ve been there. The room was the same, the songs were the same and even some of the ladies were the same, but this time I was different. The Lord has been so real to me lately, so enlightening to the point of feeling like I am swimming in an ocean of love and freedom. As the songs of praise continued I became more aware of His presence in the room than ever before. I was floating in waves of uncontrollable grace and mercy. My heart reached out to the Lord and I found Him; He was as near as my very next breath. My arms never got tired of being in the air. Mind you, I am not an arm lifter. Not that I am opposed to it, just that it’s not a practice of mine. But tonight I was in the water, swimming, and then floating in His arms of praise. I knew of His love for us and being aware of His presence and how determined he is for a relationship with us.

The music did stop for a moment while Joanna came to give us a word from Habakkuk. There was a burning in her heart and a burden for the ladies to cry out to the Lord in desperation. The Lord spoke strongly through her and yet with love and compassion. We hung on to every word as she spoke and told us of God’s continuing beckoning to us from a lover’s point of view.

Many hearts were prepared for Billie Jo as she shared the story of when Jesus was on His way to heal Jairus’ daughter, but he was stopped by the woman with the issue of blood. In the meantime, Jairus’ daughter died, but that didn’t stop Jesus from raising her from the dead. When it comes to Jesus, He is never too late. Do you trust Him to do miracles in your life?

“It’s your turn, Tracey.” Joyce said as she introduced me to the crowd. I was anointed with His Spirit in me to speak the Word and it came from Romans chapter 13. I have been reading it all week and was excited to share the treasures I found inside. The ladies were enlightened by what it said. I started out by saying, “If you want to be free, you must be born again and partake of His divine nature and become free.” We all want to be free don’t we; whether we are walking around in the free world or if you are locked up in a jail cell. That’s really what it’s all about, you know; being free.

“It’s time to wake up from the sleep, for now salvation is nearer to us than when we believed. The night is almost gone, and the day is near. Therefore let us lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of life.” At the end of Romans 13 it says, “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts.” That’s how we get to be free in the Lord.

Margo, being a retired school teacher, closed the night by asking the ladies to name their children one by one and the grade they will be in, this year. After every mom said their child’s name out loud we all had silent prayer. You could hear Jesus’ name being whispered all over the room along with several sniffs. I looked around the room as my heart cried out to the Lord on behalf of all these children’s moms in jail who can not be with them on their first day of school. We prayed for the teachers who would be teaching them and the adults who would be driving them or putting them on the bus.

Not wanting the service to come to a close, it did, never the less. We hugged each lady who wanted a hug and we loved each one as the left the room. None had notes for counseling so we had time together as ministers to talk to one another. Three of us were left, Margo, Joyce and I. One more thing happened tonight to cause my walk with the Lord to grow closer and that was when Margo wanted to have prayer for me as I am going through a tough time. It meant so much to me and in my heart and spirit; I know God anointed that prayer.

Written by Tracey



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