Life is full of opportunities and choices. Each and everyday we are faced with them and we can either choose this or that. We can make a decision to be joyful or sad, discontent or content, up or down, in or out but I’m sure you get the point.

It really is true that what the devil means for evil, God means for good. When Tracey first went to the church we now attend, over a decade later, she didn’t feel particularly welcomed. She came into the parking lot not knowing what time services started and found a couple still in their car. As she walked toward the door of the church she asked them about the time and they ignored her. It was right then that she had a decision to make. Would she decide, “You know what? This isn’t the place for me” and turn around and leave or would she press on? Thankfully she didn’t let it stop her and she proceeded. It doesn’t stop there though, because even after she was inside she still didn’t sense she was really welcome. The good news is the pastor was very receptive to her and welcomed her in.

I’m not telling this to down anyone or the church but rather to show you how the devils plans and plots boomerang on him. You see the enemy could have gained a foothold in the parking lot, or even inside, by getting Tracey to turn the other way. God is so wise though, and thankfully Tracey didn’t take the bait. Instead Tracey got the full effect of what it feels like to not be welcome and vowed to never let anyone she came in contact with to feel that way.

Everyday we are faced with choices, and we can either let the enemy get one over on us, or we can use the same fire that fuels his anger, jealousy and envy stoke the flames of the love of God in us for others. You see the negative pull on us in the flesh can be turned around in the spirit to bring about God’s glory through it all.

Another example of this spiritual principle happened to me just after I was born again. Within a month or so of my conversion I just so happened to get a visit from the Jehovah witnesses. Here they came with there Bible’s and tracts from the “Kingdom Hall.” They came back week after week, each and every Saturday in an attempt to persuade me toward their point of view. There was ample opportunity for me to be deceived or led astray, but the Spirit of God took over. Instead of leading me astray, or making me angry, it had the opposite effect; it drove me into the Word even more. Now I can look back on that experience and know it was the enemy that led them to my house in an attempt to sidetrack me, but it was ultimately God’s plan to build a firm Biblical foundation in my life.

After I told my pastor of their visits he loaned me a book that taught on their core beliefs and what the Bible really said about it. This book was “The Kingdom of the Cults” and I spent some considerable time looking it over. I found many, many verses that clearly showed what they taught didn’t line up with the Bible; so I wrote them down and gave them to the man on his next visit telling him, “these are some of the things I’m struggling with in your teaching.” Eventually he did return, but he had no answers for me so we parted ways for good.

Ultimately what came of this whole event for me was rather than get angry, confused or discouraged it actually lit a fire under me to really know what it is that I believe and why. For the next several years I found myself chin deep studying apologetics. I read books from C.S. Lewis, Ravi Zacharias, Lee Strobel, J.P. Mooreland, Os Guiness, Francis Schaeffer and Irwin Lutzer to name a few. I couldn’t get enough. So the enemy came knocking, in an attempt to lead me astray, but God was right there to lead me into a deeper understanding of his Word.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) KJV

Written by Louie



  1. I got saved reading a Jehovah’s Witness book and when I started going to a good church they asked me why I had that book I told them what had happened and they said well they do not believe that Jesus was one with the father and I said we’ll I don’t know who exactly he is except that I knew he was crucified for me then when I realized that he was one with the father and that the jws were a false group I got rid of the book. Later when god revealed to me about his in dwelling me and that he is my Christianity that’s when I discovered Norman grubb and the liberating secret and Austin t sparks…so god has guided me all along.

    1. Amen Kenneth. Tracey and I were literally just talking about how God has had his hand on my life all along. I once heard someone say, “You can’t really see God coming but you know when he’s been there!”
      thank you Jesus!

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