My birthday cookie from work. It was yummy!

My birthday cookie from work. It was yummy!

This is the first time I spent my birthday in jail. Out of all the years of going to the jail, it has never fallen on my birthday, so I was excited. I know how awesome the ladies can be toward others in a situation like this, and they did not disappoint. Tammy Strader devised a plan to have them all sing happy birthday to me while Joyce had the idea to have them stand and face me as they sang. Tears welled up in my eyes as they smiled and sang. That was the best birthday present they could have given me.

The whole night seemed to swirl around the subject of birthdays’, new births and salvation. We started the night with the Christmas song “Look who just checked in” by the Gaither Homecoming group. Following that Tammy talked of how we get saved and what it means to be born again. She taught very carefully, methodically and simply. I sensed there were questions answered about why babies go to heaven just to name one. When my turn came the Lord had already set the stage for the next insight.

I continued the line of thinking by reading 9 points about what it would take for a Christian to lose their salvation. But first we needed to establish what salvation was by explaining it this way. A person has to realize they are in need of the Savior and confess they are a sinner; believe in their heart that Jesus died on the cross for their sin. Jesus died, but God raised Jesus from the dead and then He ascended to the right hand of the Father and sent His Holy Spirit to indwell us for all eternity (starting that moment). Salvation has never been about our behavior, but it’s about what Jesus did on the cross and our faith in Him.

Here are some things that happen in salvation: our sinful nature is removed, it is killed, crucified with Christ. After it’s killed, the old self is buried, the new self is raised with Christ and we’re joined to him by way of the Spirit that now dwells in us. Our spirit becomes one with the Spirit of the Lord, we are seated with Christ in heavenly places, we are forgiven all our sins and God promises to never remember them ever again. Oh yeah, we are given Son status and our names are written in the Book of Life. Now, lets look at all the things that would have to be undone in order to lose our salvation.

1. God has to take a shovel and dig the rotten corpse of our old sinful nature back up from its grave.

2. God has to resurrect our dead, sinful nature back to life and place it inside us again.

3. God has to tear us out of Christ

4. God has to take back His Spirit, who he promised would stay with us forever.

5. God has to take a knife and cut His own Spirit away from our spirit, because they have been fused into one.

6. God has to kick us out of heaven and His son because we are IN Christ.

7. God now has to go against His promise to forget all our sins, fetch them from wherever He hid them and allow Himself to be haunted by them for all eternity.

8. God has to revoke our position as His own children.

9. God has to blot our names out from the book of life, just to scribble them back in and repeat steps 1-9 again whenever we confess our sins.

Whew, what a lot of unnecessary work and not to mention ridiculous! It’s not our salvation; it belongs to Christ so how can we lose something that doesn’t belong to us? It’s about the finished work on the cross by Jesus Christ our Lord.

There was a lady who didn’t hesitate to agree because she had been in and out of jail and prison for a long time. She recognized me from the prison farm in Fredonia. She doesn’t understand why she is back in jail again when she felt she was doing right. She later said she knew where she lost her focus. She wants her close relationship back with the Lord and she is seeking with all of her heart so I know she will find Him. All in all we had a terrific time talking about the Lord.

Written by Tracey    List taken from “Can Christians lose their salvation Pt. 1” New Covenant Grace website


6 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. yes tracey a happy birthday to you–I always like having two birthdays instead of just one cause im younger on the second one.

  2. What you have said about all the work that Papa would have to do to get us out of Christ is terrific. Thank God He won’t be doing that because of Jesus Christ! Yippee!

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