When it comes to Christianity there are so many flavors or should I say denominations? Each of them seeing their way as “The way.” While there are many, many differences of opinion on theology, traditions and programs, to be a Christian denomination means Christ is the focus.

Recently I listened to a man teaching on this subject matter and he gave such a great illustration I couldn’t resist sharing it. He talked about how baptism is a source of division in the church. One person will tell you to be truly baptized you have to be fully immersed and the other says, sprinkling is the best way. Some even go as far as to say if you aren’t baptized by them, in their baptistry, you probably aren’t really even saved. Isn’t it amazing how many ways there are to disagree?

Imagine one day two men Jesus healed of blindness meet up and share their stories. The conversation would go something like this.

“When I met Jesus I was blind. But he gave me sight by spitting on the ground, making mud and rubbing it in my eyes. He told me to go wash my face and BAM! I could see!”

“Yeah, he gave me sight too!”

“Oh yeah, how did you get your sight back?”

“He just touched my eyes, and said receive your sight.”

“You mean he didn’t use any mud?”

“No, He just touched me, said the word, and I could see.”

“Well, I’m not even sure you can even see at all!”

Isn’t this exactly what we do? If everything isn’t exactly as it happened to us we think others aren’t really getting it. If these two were to go and start a denomination of their own it would be the “Muddites” and maybe the “Non-muddites.” Either way what we are not really seeing is they both needed Jesus, and without him none of us could see. We so easily get sidetracked on the non essentials meanwhile Jesus is standing right in front of us saying “Look to me.”

Written by Louie



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