Bible study at the Coffee Connection in Hopkinsville Kentucky
Bible study at the Coffee Connection in Hopkinsville Kentucky

“God is not using jail as a punishment for me because each time I come here, I get closer to Jesus.” She said as we were finishing up with our talk. I will call her Princess. She has been to prison before and been in and out of jail for many years. She recalls the first time she heard about Jesus in jail and it was through the singer, Smokey Norful. He sang the song from a DVD called, “I need you now.” She said that was when it all started for her. That was years ago, and since Thanksgiving of this year, she feels she has been born again. Even this time as she sits in orange, she says, “God has not left me, I still know I am saved.” I will come back to Princess in a minute, but first I want to tell you about the ministers tonight.

There was Tammy Strader, Joanna and me who taught from our heart. The funny thing about it is that none of us talk to each other during the week, yet we bring the same message. I believe that is because we are one with Christ and it’s Him. The Lord pressed on my heart to talk about Matthew 6:19-24 which says, “Don’t store for yourselves treasures on earth, but in heaven where moth and rust do not corrupt.” I believe this is talking about people because people are eternal, which goes along with the next part. “The eye is the lamp to body, when your eye is single; the whole body is full of light.” Meaning your focus is on God, and then your actions will follow. This teaching goes into not serving two masters, God and money. You will love one and hate the other because money is in opposition to God. There is a spirit that comes with the love of money. So when God began to minister this Word to the others, there was confirmation.

Joanna spoke out of Matthew as well, but she spoke of the talents in Chapter 25:14, God spoke through her saying the talents are His Word; it will accomplish what it was sent out to do and bring forth fruit. She said to invest your talents in each other, He is entrusting you with His talents. Then before the service closed one of the girls asked her if she was going to sing a song, and she replied “yes” and sang, “I have a choice.” Her voice filled the room, but the Spirit of God spoke to the hearts of everyone listening.

Tammy spoke a word that I thought was so awesome, I had to write it down. She was talking about being obedient to the Lord in whatever He is telling you. He will work it out through you and it won’t be burdensome. “He will get it to you if He can get it through you,” she said. Isn’t it true when we are listening to the Master, He works it out in our expression of Him.

The night didn’t last as long as it has the last few months, probably because several ladies we’ve talked to have been released. It seems that lately many of them are calling us on the outside wanting to serve God. Louie and I have a Bible study on Wednesday nights and two of our ladies showed up on the same night. It pleases me when they seek the Lord because I know they will find Him. It really is a choice isn’t it?

Written by Tracey


2 thoughts on “WE HAVE A CHOICE

  1. yea and im glad that god choose me to share in his life–if he had not im sure I would be one miserable being right now.im glad that you have those girls to minister to–that gives your life great purpose.i have you and lou on my prayer list.

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