Tracey and I watched the movie “The life of PI” and I just wanted to share a few thoughts here.

The movie was about a young man from India who seemed to be quite confused about God. Like most, I suppose, in India he started as a Hindu along with 300,000 gods. He seemed to be okay with that until one day a friend of his dared him to go into a nearby church and drink the Holy Water. Of course being a young boy, and not being able to resist a challenge, he did. While in the church taking a sip of the Holy Water the priest brought him a glass of water to drink saying, “I see you are thirsty.” Pi looked around the church and saw a crucifix, with Jesus still on it mind you, and pictures telling the gospel story. He asked the priest to explain it to him.

After the priest told him the story of God sending his son to die for the sins of the world Pi became a Christian. He was still a bit confused about the whole thing, but he accepted Christ at least until he passed a mosque. As he walked by the mosque he heard the prayers and became intrigued so he then became a Muslim. As you can probably already tell he was a bit confused and unsure about God at this point.

As Pi, his brother, mother and father sat at the table to eat dinner Pi’s father told him “You really have to choose one religion. You can’t choose them all because that is the same as choosing none of them.” I thought that was some of best advice he could have given young Pi. Even though there are many who will say to a Christian “You can’t say your way is the only way; isn’t that being a bit narrow minded?” The truth is all religions are mutually exclusive. Each of them think their way is correct or else they wouldn’t believe it now would they?

For the most part the movie is a fantasy or maybe a fable. While the movie doesn’t make it clear if Pi was a Christian or not it seemed to be more about his search for God rather than his finding him even though he is miraculously cared for throughout his adventure.

The main premise is that Pi’s family owned a zoo. At one point they decide to move to Canada so they board a ship with all the animals in tow. As the story unfolds Pi finds himself adrift with some of the animals in a lifeboat. The rest of the story takes place with a tiger and him dueling over who runs things in the small boat. I won’t say any more so I don’t spoil it for any that want to watch for themselves.

Before you comment saying this isn’t a very good review on this movie let me say I didn’t mean for it to be a review. I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts about it. I am a pretty tough movie critic and usually find myself somewhat let down after watching them; but I would say this one was one of the more enjoyable movies I have seen in quite some time. I can’t say it will answer many questions you might have about God but it is an enjoyable tale and visually something to behold.

Written by Louie


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