He's holding on to me
He’s holding on to me

Six notes later, and I have only seen three ladies so far, but now it’s almost midnight, what can I do, but go home and get some rest for work in the morning. I hated to leave without the ladies knowing I tried to see them all. The theme for the night was about storms. The Lord spoke to me about the storm in Mark 4 when Jesus and His disciples were getting in the boat, or vessel, to go to the other side. On the way the wind began to blow and the waves rising to the heights of the boat to the point of taking on more water than they could bail out. Many in the room could relate to this illustration. The world and our sin become too much to bear, and rightly so. We were never meant to carry sin not to mention, living in it. Jesus is in the boat, or vessel, He is resting and is at peace. If you think that the Jesus who is in your life is sleeping on the job and doesn’t care what happens to you, then you have the wrong viewpoint of who Jesus is because He’s got you. The sea obeys His voice because the sea belongs to Him, the vessel belongs to Him, and everything belongs to the Master. He loves us very much and the storms in our life are meant to propel us into His arms of strength and power.

The other three ministers were also called to talk about storms. Billie Jo talked about the storm that came up around her house in the country and she saw the wheat field bend from the power of the wind. She explained it wasn’t the wheat’s fault they were bending, but the wind was making them bend. She said, bowing as in, to the Father.

Margo was next and she too, talked about wheat and how Ruth in the Bible found favor with Boaz and he commanded his servants to let Ruth glean more that she needed of wheat. How we have favor with God as we face storms in our life, yet we have more than enough because God provides.

Joanna shared last with her words of wisdom about the storms of being hemmed in and behind and before, Jesus laying His hand of love on us. She also taught us John 17:13 “and now I come to you and these things I speak in the world, that they might have my joy fulfilled in themselves.” Did you notice the passage said His joy? Because His joy is everlasting it’s not in our circumstances and certainly not in our feelings.

Margo asked for volunteers for a demonstration and then asked for the roll of tissue. She threw the first girl the roll and said, “Tear you off a piece.” The next girl did the same and so on. “Now,” she said, “for every square of T.P. say what God is doing in your life right now.” The first girl stands up and faces the crowd, a little shy, and says she is thankful for her relationship with her husband and is being restored. Another lady said she was thankful she was teachable, alive and desires Jesus. This went on until the last volunteer said something I will never forget. You see, she only tore off one square, so she tore it in half so she could praise Him more.

The counseling went great and there was a theme with them also. There were two things I shared with each of them separately about Hebrews 4:12 about soul and spirit, joints and marrow, thoughts and intentions and the Word of God divides, pierces and discerns them all. We get hung up on the ins and outs of life and beat ourselves up for it, when all along we were meant to move; yet have our rest in the Lord Jesus Christ where our spirit lives joined to His Spirit. Some of us think it’s all about us, but see it just involves us.

The other point I shared was how we were deceived into eating of the wrong tree when we were in Adam in the garden. We are still eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, when we need to be partaking of the tree of life, which is Jesus. There is a lot to learn and a lot to listen to as we journey through this land, but just remember whatever storm you are in, just got out of, or getting ready to enter, Jesus’ got you. He is not going anywhere; “He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit.” Thank you, Jesus for your promises are true.

Written by Tracey


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