It is astounding how many times you can hear a story and see a new point in it. The story in Mark 4 about Jesus and the disciples, in the boat during a storm, just lit up for me in a brand new way.

Most Christians understand receiving Jesus as their savior to mean he came to live in their “Heart.” At first that tends to mean “I” am still living “my” life only now if I get into trouble I can call out to Jesus and he will swoop in and rescue me. This of course isn’t what God has in mind it’s just our lack of understanding that produces this faulty viewpoint.

Thank God he doesn’t keep us out of the storms of life because without them we would continue to live in the deception of being “just us” out here trying to live “For” God when all along God’s plan is for Christ, by way of the Spirit, to live his life in and through us. As long as we still think it’s “just us” and we’re responsible to make it through God waits. Don’t get me wrong he isn’t really asleep, but he wants the storms to have their full effect on us so we will finally look to him.

The Apostle Paul documented in Romans 7 what his personal storm looked like. His storm was a battle with coveting that he fought and fought. He said, “What I want to do I don’t do and what I don’t want to do I keep doing!” He clung to his independent view of himself through the whole chapter until finally he went and woke up the Master. He said, “O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” It was then that he remembered Jesus had done all that was required and had taken up residence within him. He wasn’t in the boat alone, and in fact Christ owned the boat, him and everything else. Eventually we have to come to the same conclusion. It’s Jesus’ boat, mission, sea, plan and life. He is the one sailing the vessel, and we’re the ones along for the ride not the other way around.

Written by Louie


4 thoughts on “A SLEEPING JESUS

  1. I like the way frank viola puts it in his writings..god is looking for a dwelling place that he can express himself out of.

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